Do the dubs know WHY there delivering Kingdom News 37?

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  • GoingGoingGone
    There is no place on the time slip to record tracts, only magazines, books, brochures/booklets. I wonder if they are recording this on a separate piece of paper or altering the slip?

    They are supposed to note the number they place on the back of their time slip. I was informed of this by the elder who came by to drop off a tract for each member of my family (including me) because they had missed the meeting the night before, when the tracts were distributed.


  • SirNose586

    Isn't it obvious?? They're doing it because FALSE RELIGION'S END IS NEAR, duh!!!

  • misspeaches

    Do the JWs in Victoria, Australia realise the repurcussions they may face by participating in this 'campaign'???

    A fairly new law in Victoria could get them in all sorts of trouble.

    See my thread here -> for more information.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    The JW's don't need to know anything, they just receive the order from "Mother" and follow it through. Many though will probably just dump them and pick a number to report. The BS of the end is near is getting so damn old already, when will people realize that the stuff that is written in the bible about the end referred to the end of that particular system which happened in 70 AD? WAKE UP PEOPLE, do some research on history and how many times christians have thought the "the end was nigh" it has happened many times before, read about the plague for example or the many wars and genocides that happened hundreds of years ago, there is no difference, only that now we have alot more people on earth and the media to tell us about any little disaster that happens anywhere, and this is just feeding the monster of "The End is Near" mentality.

    A book that I highly recommend is "End-Time Visions, The Road to Armaggedon?" by Richard Abanes, that book helped me see that this belief is not based on reality, just a slogan to scare the flock into submission.


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