Laptop is dead . . . what do I buy now? Idea (pic)

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  • juni

    Gary said:

    Great looking set up! I'm still thinking something I can use easily from my recliner. I have access to a desk top across the room.

    Howdy Gary. Ever think of motorizing your recliner to zip across the room? Or perhaps arm extensions??

    Just foolin' w/ya. My daughter has a laptop. It's hard typing w/a small keyboard on hers. So I would go with a full size one. I have this plastic thingy to attach to the keyboard which is ergomatically whatever whatever to help with strain on the wrists. Keeps you from having "slouching wrists" which causes pain when you type a lot. Now I just have to get something for my sore arse and I'll be in business.


  • garybuss

    Hi Juni, I don't spend a huge amount of time on the computer but the chair is sure comfortable. I like the feature of going on like when I watch TV too. I'll often have a question about a product I see and I often seek definition to a work I don't understand. I just keep an encyclopedia CD in the computer and all I have to do is click on the word and on the encyclopedia icon and almost instantly a definition pops up.

    Most of my TV watching is DIY and RFD and like today, football. I don't even have movie channels cause I don't care for dramas.

    I do business on the computer and I got spoiled having the laptops available but I got aggravated at the Dell laptop because it kept breaking.

    Tomorrow morning I have a colonostophy scheduled, so maybe Tuesday I can start to do some shopping. I'm debating about running duel hard drives and run something like Norton Ghost and do an almost instant backup. Now I use that external hard drive on the USB2 connection.

  • uninformed

    I've been looking hard at the IMACs.

    Gary, no wonder you post so much. Sitting in a recliner and posting is actually illegal. I will contact the board manager to disconnect you if you don't sit up and do it the hard way.

    By the way, your first pic of the dead monitor stand was great. Made me think of myself.


  • juni

    Best to you tomorrow Gary.

    You are talking Greek to me guy! I'm pretty computer illiterate.

    Take care.


  • garybuss

    Hi Brant,

    Yeah, the first modern computer was in the basement and I'd sit there for hours. That was 1995. I had two DOS computers. The first I got in 1986. It still runs.

    After I sold my cabinet business in 1992 I didn't really look at computers much. I did have a black jack game I played on the DOS computer. Helped me learn basic. To me computers weren't much fun without Internet connection.

    Now I rely on computers a lot. I'd be lost without one.

  • Dismembered

    Greetings garybuss,

    I'm a Dell fan as well, but I purchased a Sony Vaio back in 2003, (to put all my music on.) I went with Sony due to Dell putting me on hold back in 2003 after finally getting through to the sales dept. I said to hell with them. Putting me on hold to spend $2000.00. Not this guy Not a lick of probelmos thus far with Sony.


  • garybuss

    Hi Dismembered, I remember somebody interviewed Bill Gates a while back and asked him what was his favorite computer and I think he said it was whatever one he was using at the time. That might have been on ZD TV, anyway Gates said he was traveling with a Sony Vaio.

    I looked at them but they look like they cost like three grand. Out of my budget right now.

  • Simon

    I'd also suggest an iMac

    They are a beautiful PC and no longer an expensive desk ornament - you can run XP or Vista (either dual boot or via virtualisation) and the prices are no longer the premium they once were (now quite competitive).

    I bought a mac mini a few months ago to try and I'm very impressed. I'll be getting a 24" iMac next year I think.

    I used OS X and XP about half and half for normal use (Office on both so I can work on either). I still use XP for development work because that's what the tools run on but I can run XP on the mac.

  • garybuss

    You wrote: "but I can run XP on the mac."Interesting! I didn't know that. Thanks!

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