To all you Britts

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  • sunshineToo

    nelly136....liver stew and liver shake (for your cat)?

    ballistic, .... I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit to the U.S. Have you tried any Asian restaurant while you were here? I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and there are so many good restaurants here. I haven't tried John's Grill, but I'll look it up when I go to S.F. And I love Safeway. That's my favorite grocery store along with Trader Joe.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Right you lot have got my goat!

    Food in London is terrible? . . . WHATEVER!!!!!

    It is a known fact that London is home to the best chefs and the best cuisine not just in England, not just in Europe (and yes that includes Paris), but in fact the best in the world!

    It maybe be true that not every eatery in London serves wonderful food but that is the same anywhere.
    Yes I loved eating in New York too - the Deli's gave you massive choice, massive portions for a very reasonable price (I recommend Carnegies on Broadway). Evening meals not so good but Bubble and I do recommend the Four Seasons restaurant in Midtown, but if you are male don't forget to wear a jacket or you ain't getting in!

    By the way Dansk - please try and at least drag the north into the 19th century! When you are working during the day you can't stop and have a 'dinner' at midday. You stop briefly for 'lunch', maybe a panini and a coffee or a sandwich and an Innocent. When we get in after a long stressful day we have a proper dinner, and no that isn't at 5 or 6pm, more like 7.30 or 8pm.

    I know you are gonna say that it is much more relaxed and laid back oop north, but where would most people rather be - in the center of the universe or somewhere out in the back of beyond?

  • nelly136

    i've tried it without soaking in the past to save time but it tastes better soaked, but then perhaps thats just what i'm used to,

    the two fat ladies rocked (or did) the dark haired one has died now :( they really did some good old fashioned cooking on their programmes.

    shepards pie, cottage pie, cobblers and hotpots, bubblesnsqueaks dont get much airtime these days

  • chiddy

    the great American contribution to world cuisine Hot Dogs and Doughnuts!

  • ignored_one

    I went out to eat at Nandos last night. Medium heat chicken fillet burger with corn and chips. In London no less. ;)

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