Is Street Corner Work Dead ???

by Poztate 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Finally-Free

    It used to be done here in Toronto a lot, particularly at subway stations. When I pioneered I got about half my time doing street work. For several years I didn't see it done at all, but since July I see half a dozen JWs every day walking along Bloor St, usually in pairs. The magazines are usually rolled up in their hands and they're talking to each other. Only once did I see them actually talking to someone other than another JW.


  • parlay

    Here they stand on the corner or sit on benches drinking coffee, talking to each other and counting time.

    I watch them standing in front of the Kingdom Hall laughing, talking on their cell phones counting time.

    They walk for blocks conversating with one another, ignoring passersby...still counting time.

    It's all about the quantity of time they can put on their monthly time slip. Quality doesn't matter.

    I've approached some let people pass by without saying anything and asked them is that field service?

    Are you counting time letting people pass by? It's fun putting them on the spot.

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