Angels & Sexual urges..

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    I don't see how that works leolaia . The old testament shows that angels did take on human form to communicate with people like Abraham and Lot . Jacob had a wrestling match with one in which his hip was displaced and he then was awarded the name of Israel . I think it was not natural with the angels to interfere sexually with humans or to even interfere without being ordered to.. Angels are pretty much drones they don't have much freedom but time and again state they are slaves .The WTBTS does not understand what is going to happen at the end and uses alot of twisted reasoning on issues of how people will spend eternity when it's all pretty clear in Revelation and only an idiot could go wrong on it .

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    If there is anything to those ancient stories I believe imagine angels are material beings from a parallel universe that have cloaking technology. They appear when they turn off the cloaking devices.

    If peace is achieved in other worlds it would most likely be at the expense of sexual reproduction. Sex is at the root of Nationalism and territoriality.

    Maybe there is some "law" in the cosmic federation that prohibits having sex with other intelligent species. Although, having sex with humans may be considered similar to bestiality by an advanced species.

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    heathen....The narrative in Genesis 18-19 does not describe or assume that the angels "materialize bodies". It describes them as passing as men (cf. the reference to Gabriel and other angels in Daniel 9:21, 10:5, 16, 18), and as eating and functioning as embodied beings in a manner strikingly similar to the resurrected Jesus in the gospels. But the existence of such OT traditions did not lead to an interpretation that angels "materialize" bodies for mere appearance. Rather, they were conceived of as having some sort of heavenly or spiritual body in Jewish tradition (cf. the soma pneumatikos and somata epourania of 1 Corinthians 15, the numerous comparisons of resurrected people as "like the angels" in 1 Enoch, Luke, 2 Baruch, and other texts), but usually this concept was not fully spelled out or theorized (as it became in later Christian tradition, cf. Ambrose). The interpretive tradition was instead that angels naturally had their own angelic bodies (with the glory that is characteristic of them, cf. 1 Enoch 106:5-6, 10) but disguised their appearance at certain times. See, for instance, 1 Enoch 87:2 which describes the archangels sent to seize the fallen angels as disguised as men, or Raphael in Tobit who only revealed his angelic identity after he completed his mission (5:4-5, 12:14-15). Under influence of Hellenistic thought (with its personal daimons), there later came to be a distinction between corporeal and incorporeal angels; cf. Apocalypse of Abraham, in which the incorporeal angels of sixth heaven (19:6) are distinguished from the corporeal angels near the throne in seventh heaven (cf. 18:4-7).

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    They appeared so much like men that the homos in sodom and gamorrah wanted sex with them outside Lots house . I think it silly to say that the act of eating and drinking is not evidence of a solid being in human form . I feel it is evidence to the contrary . Jesus walks thru a closed door to see the apostles and then allows the apostle thomas to touch his wounds from his execution . Plenty of evidence to conclude it is possible for angels to take human form .

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    dear Terry...

    "Further, the doctrinal insistance that angels were forbidden after the flood from taking human form (Tartarus) needs polishing and refurbishing too."

    I totally agree with you. well not totally. do you want to discuss the problems you see with these Terry?

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    p.s. I'm still not done reading all this stuff but I wanted to add before I forgot..I think that the spirits have been relesed from the pit(the grave)...inotherwords they are being born of water...of woman. They've been around for about a generation? I guess?

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    I think it silly to say that the act of eating and drinking is not evidence of a solid being in human form . I feel it is evidence to the contrary .

    Of course it is evidence to the contrary, that's my very point ... that in the Bible and in the dominant tradition angels, regardless of their appearance, are corporeal -- not bodiless. Demons are the ones that are usually portrayed as bodiless. But neither is there any hint that angels are by nature bodiless and then "materialize" new bodies at will.

    Jesus walks thru a closed door to see the apostles and then allows the apostle thomas to touch his wounds from his execution .

    Exactly, in the resurrection narratives Jesus was raised in the body (hence, an empty tomb) and the narratives are at pains to demonstrate that Jesus was no bodiless "ghost" or "demon" (i.e. not resurrected but survived death as a spirit) but was embodied in the same body he had when he was put to death, tho transformed to a new form along the lines of 1 Corinthians 15. Thus Jesus does exactly the same things that the angels did in Genesis by eating a meal. How can the resurrected be "like the angels" if angels by nature are bodiless? Embodiment is the sine qua non of resurrection (whether as a mere rehabilitation of one's corpse, as in 2 Maccabees, or whether it involves a transformation into a new physical form), as presumed by Paul and as strenuously argued by Ignatius.

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    As a JW I figured that the angels came down to earth not for sexual reasons but for

    1) Power, to rule over humans

    2) To procreate or have children, to pass on their genes like humans did.

    At one time the WTS also suggested that when the earth was "comfortably" filled with humans, that all marriage and procreation among humans would end. That disturbed some of the rank and file to believe that even if they lived through the GT as a married couple, that their marriage would not be forever.



    Note the divine mandate is to fill, not overflow, the earth. The earth is destined to be comfortably filled with mankind in proportion to its capacity for food production, ecological balance and reasonable population density. It is reasonable to conclude that when that point is reached the Creator of the human procreative power will regulate its use as far as the earth is concerned.

    Then obedient and grateful mankind will be willing to cooperate with whatever new requirements may be expressed. (Compare Revelation 20:12.) There will be no population explosion to threaten mankind?s future existence.



    The Bible does not require specific procedures or a special kind of wedding ceremony. Yet, in recognition of its divine origin, marriage is customarily solemnized through the use of wedding vows during a religious ceremony. For some years Jehovah?s Witnesses have been using the following marriage vow: "I??takeyou ??tobemywedded (wife/husband), toloveandtocherish (Bride:anddeeplyrespect) inaccordancewiththedivinelawassetforthintheHolyScripturesforChristian (wives/husbands), foraslongaswebothshalllivetogetheronearthaccordingtoGod?smaritalarrangement."



    "I, ________, take you, ________, to be my wedded wife, to love and to cherish in accordance with the divine law as set forth in the Holy Scriptures for Christian husbands, for as long as we both shall live or until the divine termination of the marital arrangement."


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