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  • Santisimo

    Can you post a pdf of this?

  • Bryan

    My tract works well...



    Dropping a flyer into a mailbox is alot easier than pounding on doors..A lot more will participate..Publisher count go`s up..Publisher hours go up..This must be Gods organization,look how our religion is growing!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • freetosee
    Dont carry witnessing bag. Bible, tracts and a notebook to record the interest.

    Well I never, I got counceled for doing that.

    You ran ahead of the organization- spoiled the UNITY. That would be like rejecting "this generation" before the Governing Body did.

    TSK TSK.

    Well hey, I thought that was my job, I was a pioneer (="A person who initiated a particular action or idea")!


  • dobbie

    Sorry to be a thicko but why can't they carry a bag?You still need somewhere to put your keys make up notebook etc if your hands are occupied with 50 tracts and a Bible.

  • freetosee


    my first thought was for image reasons, but OUTLAW might be hitting the nail on the gb head. It is easyer to distribute tracts in letterboxes, then knocking on doors and this might get the fs hours up. Take a look at Blondie's post.


  • garybuss

    OTWO wrote: "Why would they even go to the UN library if they were fleeing to the mountains? What if the day and hour arrived while they were checking out books?"Aren't the Witness people SAVED by virtue of their association with the pure organization? What happens to the Witness people's salvation when "the day and hour" finds the organization inside the UN or representing the Witness people at a political meeting somewhere?

  • dmouse

    Perhaps they are aware that people recognise their trademark bookbags and want to be in disguise, to catch folks unawares!

    Anyway, it's not new:

    October 2000 KM:



    · "I have volunteered my time to help distribute this very important message to every family in [name of city or county]. This is your copy. Please read it." It may be advantageous not to carry a witnessing case when distributing KingdomNews No. 36.

    Are the Society being hypocritical?:

    Awake 1992 Sept 22 p.14

    Jehovah therefore rejects the prayers of those who lead a double life, hypocritically ‘hiding what they are.’ (Psalm 26:4) He listens only to one who is "walking faultlessly and practicing righteousness and speaking the truth in his heart."


    True peace and security book – page 111

    Many persons commonly conceal truth or speak only what they believe will further their own ends. Though this is viewed as normal in the world, that does not make it right.

    There is good reason for being honest. Nothing undermines peace and security more than a failure to be honest at all times

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