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  • Kenneson

    I thought I would add to the saga by noting a few quotes I found in Zion's Watch Tower.

    The first one is in the June 1, 1910 issue, R. 4732: page 177:

    "Brother Russell's Foreign Tour

    "Thus it happened that our company leaving New York numbered twenty one, seventeen in addition to our party, which consisted of Brother Driscoll, representative of the Press Association; Brother L.W. Jones, who served as stenographer on the Atlantic, and Brother Rutherford, who served as stenographer on the Mediterranean, and who will visit the friends in Denmark, Sweden and Norway while we are in Great Britain and who will follow us in Great Britain, reaching home about a month or so later than we...."

    Further on the article continues "...We had the pleasure also of Sister Rutherford's company as far as Paris."

    I'm not sure if the stenographer above is Rutherford, Jr. or Judge Rutherford. What do you think?

    At any rate, the second article in the April 15, 1911 issue, R. 4800: page 117: is definitely Rutherford, Jr.

    "The Good Tidings Abroad

    "No. 1

    "We had a pleasant vogage--uneventful. The first two days the water was a little rough, and we had little difficulty in practising Lenten self denial. Brother Rutherford, Jr., served as our stenographer, and under the Lord's blessing, we were able to get out considerable work--answers and correspondence and matter for THE WATCH TOWER and newspapers.

    "We landed at Plymouth (my stenographer and myself). Brother Driscoll, as representative of the Press Association, continued his journey, going direct to Vienna and beyond in preparation for our later coming."

    Zion's Watch Tower, Aug. 1, 1911, R 4861:Page 230:

    "Denver to Portland AND Homeward Conventions

    "The following day was spent in the mountains of Colorado and Utah, journeying to Salt Lake City over the Denver and Rio Grande Railway...It was a day of rest from oral preaching, affording us an opportunity to preparing sermons for future use. Our faithful stenographer, Brother Rutherford, Jr., materially assisted in the work."

    There may be more information on Malcolm in ZWT. If I find anything more, I will include it.

  • becca1

    Wow! Been a witness all my life and never knew Rutherford had a child!!!

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    So, Malcolm was born in Missouri, 10 Nov 1892...

    ...In 1900 he lived with his family in Boonville, MO, and was going to school, his dad working as a
    lawyer [census]...

    ...in 1910 he was with his parents and the rest of Russell's gang" in Brooklyn [census--Jos. F and Mary
    are listed as "Asst.", Malcolm as "Boarder"]...

    ...in 1911 he traveled overseas with Pastor Russell as his "valet" (his age is listed as 24 rather than
    18/almost 19), coming home on the SS Lusitania...

    ...and it was very cool to see his photograph! thanks for sharing and starting this thread!!! Interesting ZWT
    quotes Kenneson posted too. Malcolm was 17, 18, 19 working for Russell! I didn't realize that until
    today, doing some genealogical browsing, and then found this thread...

    ...in 1914 it appears young Malcolm went overseas with Pastor Russell again? this time in the company
    of his parents, coming home on the SS Mauritania...

    ...at what point was it that Russell sent the Judge (and family, presumably) away to California? I forget. Then he rushed back after the death of the prez in 1916, of course, to take over...

    ...in 1920 Malcolm and his wife, Pauline, were renting a home on Eastlake Ave. in Los Angeles, and he
    was an attorney. In 1923 his mother took up residence in Monrovia, CA. Was she with the Judge until

    ...in 1930 Malcolm and his wife owned their own home in L.A., built in 1925, and as Leo said, worth
    $12,500 (now worth over a million btw--$1,195,823) and he was a Superior Court Clerk, still no children in

    ...in 1938 he and his wife were on a ship with Berta (Teal) Peale, as Leo has also posted before, coming
    back from Hawaii...

    And after the Judge died in 1942 ???

    I wonder what it was like to be the son of "Judge Rutherford" and what sort of man he became himself
    (not that it's any of my business)... and what an interesting period of time it was to have been alive. All so


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