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  • Khrysanthemum
    to let the organization and its peculiarities fade into a crazy past to be called back up only when someone wants to know.

    (((((Auld Soul)))))....how nice that really would be! Someday my friend, someday! Keep positive!

  • mama1119

    I would pick my Moms friend. They were friends for 20+ years, and she has recently begun shunning her and I. I think she is totally oblivious to what she has been taught. She is rather ignorant. She is MISERABLE!! I know she would flourish if she was to free herself. It will never happen though, her whole family and friend system is in the org. Her husband would leave in the blink of an eye though.

  • Woofer

    My mom.

    I haven't seen her or my dad in about 10 years and they have never seen my 4 year old daughter. I am kinda used to not having them around but when big events happen in my life, it would be nice for her to be there with me.

    I recently got re-married in June and my son gave me away, he also danced with me (in place of my dad). It was very touching, but it would have been nice for my mom to see that I'm not really that bad person she thinks I am.

  • Khrysanthemum

    Awwww (((((Woofer)))))...That would be hard. I hope someday you and your parents have a chance to reunite and can make up for lost time!

  • Woofer


    That would be nice, but they are very "hard core" Witnesses. Hey, thats ok if they don't want to see me, but they are missing out on one VERY cute granddaughter (if I might say so!)

  • pennycandy

    For selfish reasons, my ex. It would be so much easier for me and our son.

    Otherwise, my mom.

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