If you could make and distribute a bumper stick to open minds.......

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  • whyizit

    If you could make and distribute bumper stickers to use as a tool to open the minds of JWs or cult members, what would you put on them?

    Keep in mind that you would like to open thier minds, yet NOT offend them.

    Something that any person could stick on their bumper and the JWs would not be able to find reason to label them as opposers or apostates. Something that you feel strongly would MAKE them have to take notice if they saw it.

    Let the creative juices FLOW!!!!

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    I would have one say: How to get rid of JWs: Ask them to prove 607 without using any of THEIR literature!!!


    Lady Liberty


    "HONK ! Unless you're in a cult in which case check with your elders 1st."

    (I know it's kinda long)


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    If the bible is God's word, not mans;

    Why do so many rely on men to interpret it?

    Trying to use a spin off of the book "the bible- god's word or man's?"

  • R6Laser

    None. Why would I want to look like a self righteous person who beleives everyone should think my way? That's why we have brain and free will, those that wish to use it to follow the WTS its fine by me. They're doing me no harm, and I won't do them any harm back.

  • Siddhashunyata

    Jehovah Likes Dumb People More !

  • whyizit

    Is R6Laser what is affectionaltely termed as a "lurker"?

    I didn't ask anyone to promote anything or further an agenda. Merely asked for thought-provoking ideas, by which people who are encouraged and commanded NOT to think for themselves, might begin to feel the freedom to do so. I ask you, is it not one sided for a religious organization to insist that its members must only investigate other religions, or its own doctrines, by the materials that THEY provide?

    If the WTS has nothing to hide and is not exercising mind control over its members, then why are they afraid to find a forum such as this one, see why other members have left, and research as to if their reasons were valid? Why would they be against bumper stickers, bill boards, etc... that might cause the members to have to investigate as to whether their leaders really are teaching them the truth?

    If I follow a group of men who claim to be God's prophet and channel through which I am to get my spiritual food, and they tell me that vaccinations are against God's laws, they present Biblical evidence to support it, and trusting them, I allow my child to die because of this rule, THEN the rule is changed, I have to ask...Is it GOD who changed? Did the Bible get some new verses? Or did men cause me to sacrifice the life of my child, because they themselves either misinterpretted the Bible? How does God feel about people sacrificing their children? Should I trust these people?

    In Jer. 31:33-34 states that in the new covenant, we will no longer be teaching one another to know Yahweh. We will know Him, because He is going to write His laws in our hearts. When will this ever happen in the WTS? From the way I understand it, even after Armegeddon, they have lots of teaching planned for the resurreced. After the lucky ducks who survive Armageddon get finished watching children and family die horrible deaths, they get to see them eaten up by worms and birds, they they get the "happy task" of cleaning up billions of bones, all without the help of heavy machinery, mind you. No gas stations or oil refineries in those days! THEN they have to clean up all the rubble, etc....with shovel and wheel barrows I suppose, because that is what the pictures always show, then they have to build homes (without the aid of power tools) for all those who are going to be resurrected, ....and so on and so forth. BUT, the so-called unbelievers get to come back after all the work is done and, without lifting a finger, they get to be taught and get a second chance! Where the heck is THAT in the Bible? And when does Jer. 31:33-34 kick into effect? And why would anyone want to become a JW NOW, why not wait so you don't have to go through all that trauma and work?

    Really?!! I've never been a JW, so I really would like to know what is so great about living through Armageddon, if that is what you get to look forward to? I don't see the appeal. I'm not THAT afraid of death itself!

  • aniron
    Trying to use a spin off of the book "the bible- god's word or man's?"

    We could have:

    "The Bible - God's Word or the Watchtowers ? You choose."

  • becca1

    Organized religion...Just say no.

  • monkeyshine

    The Bible--God's word or yours?

    Does God care to whom you belong?

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