Why has Scotland got no Assembly Hall?

by slimboyfat 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • slimboyfat

    Is it 'cos we is black?


  • Crumpet

    LOL! Is that true though? I'm surprised all the JWs in the rest of the UK dont relocate so they can miss the assemblies ---- ah wait a minute - thats why the Little Toe family moved to the highland islands!

  • slimboyfat

    We have no Assembly Hall - but we still have Assemblies, in rented halls.


  • south african beef
    south african beef

    Obviously the society doesn't work the way this government does, i.e taking lots of money from the South of England and redistributing it to so called 'less well off' areas, or is it that the WTBS can't find any tartan curtains to put up at the wee Scottish Assembly Hall?

  • rassillon

    Maybe it is because all the Scottish JW's spend their money on scotch wisky instead of donating it to the WT.

    MMMM, I know I would. Especially Talisker, this stuff is the bomb diggy.


  • Gill

    Property prices do not rise in Scotland, as fast as they do in England. Not such a good investment!

  • kwintestal

    Why make a horrible place even worse. Even the WTS can appreciate that.


  • hamsterbait

    The assembly hall would have to guarantee saving at least the equivilent of the cost to build it vs the rental of premises.

    As such this would not be a worthwhile investment as people might not want to travel hundreds of mile to a CA. There are not enough people in Scotland to make it profitable. Bottom line MONEY (again)


  • chiddy

    same as Rassillion, the sweaty socks are too busy spending their money on whiskey, deep fried mars bars, haggis, Celtic / Rangers,chips with everything, Russ Abbot ginger wigs, wearing of kilts,and also its too cold up there in Chilly old Jock"O" Land

  • tijkmo

    halls have to be used a minimum number of times to be financially viable..i think 40 is the minimum number...with only 5 circuits in scotland even if they all had a,b,c parts (and i think only glasgow does) the hall would only be used a maximum of 30 times in the year...

    plus it would have to be centrally located...perth dundee maybe and that would please just about no-one unless it was sited in either glasgow or edinburgh and as everyone knows they dont speak to each other..

    plus we dont have electricity

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