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  • kwintestal

    Majoity of religions are fear based. Do this or you'll die. Do that or you'll be eternally tormented in hell. Do this or you'll come back as a rat. Fear is the only power religion has, it's a comodity that they sell. If they were a store, they'd sell toilet paper.


  • Jerohobobonadad

    If all the JWs were told tomorrow that god had changed his mind, or the WTS had got it wrong..."No reward...sorry", then everybody would be boozin' and throwing their knickers off...if ya get my drift

    That reminds me of this one time when my mother and I were studying the watchtower for sunday or something. I think the article had to do w/ Jehoober's universal sovreignty (sp?) or mother turned to me point blank and asked me, ''JoBeth, if you were to find out today that there was no paradise, and that we were to serve jehovah just b/c it's the right thing to do, would you still do it?'' Of course I had to bite my tongue to keep from blurting out Hell No!....but before I could answer, she said, ''...because I know I would. This is the only true organization. We're the only people who truly love each other and who have Jehovah's blessing.''

    It was like talking to a zombie.

    ~luv, jojo

    I must begin by saying i am now a non-believer in all things biblical and religious. However, I remember during a watchtower study at the hall a few years ago, this (the promises of life everlasting etc) was being discussed. Some old dear put her hand up and said that even if it was all wrong and the paradise etc didn't exist, then being a JW is still the best way to live. The conductor obviously moved swiftly on!

    I had always thought that the point of the Job story was that an individual should serve god for the love of it, rather than what an individual might gain personally from it. I do think though that most JWs would live their lives pretty much the same if the WT stance on future rewards changed. I doubt there would be much in the way of no-knickers boozing. I am a non-believer and although I'm not exactly a celibate teetotal, my core values are pretty much unchanged (treating others as I would be treated, no lying/ cheating/ stealing etc). I think this would be the case for the majority.

    That's my tuppence anyway.

  • dobbie

    Kitty i laughed when i saw your thread cos your question is the exact thought that came into my mind yesterday!I was thinking about saying to my elder f in l that if they had to serve God and do all this ministry studying no celebrations etc etc but at the end they'd all be dead forever like everyone else would there be any JWs?I think not - but they probably would'nt admit it . Basically i came to the conclusion that it is a selfish religion because all they think about is living forever in paradise, yes lots of other people worship God and want to go to heaven or whatever but their whole lives don't seem to be fixated on that one thought like the jws are.

  • Mysterious

    I think it's all about providing a purpose for people..and that purpose is make sacrifices now and be rewarded later. If it was instead make sacrifices now just because I don't think most people would have gotten involved. It's also a lot harder to pitch it being such a loving and wonderful god when you have to ask yourself "what has he done for me lately" and "why isn't he doing anything for me tomorrow".

  • Gilberto

    Oh dear

    It seems like I was the only idiot here to be of the notion "If there was no Paradise, this is still the best way to live; serving Jehovah".

    Analyzing now I reckon it was because I never really bought all the lies about the New System. I remember arguing that "the generation" was one verse in the bible and how can that be used to say the end is so near. I would put it off, because I just knew it wasn't going to happen, things didn't add up.

    I have spoken to others who "put it off", in their minds and that way you can't be wrong about The New System, because you may die but it is still going to happen.

    Why did I become a JW probably because my wife was one. I thought the WT taught good morals and I thought we had good friends.

    Having said that it may have been easier for me to come out because I wasn't afraid of dying. My wife struggled with that on her exit (she was brought up JW) especially by then we had a baby boy (Wow, is he gorgeous), are we now pleased that he won't have to through what she did.

  • restrangled

    Another perspective on the carrot factor being raised a JW was that even if it were true, you were sold on the fact you were never going to measure up. No matter how much you did, it was never good enough.

    This carrot was not attainable, therefore you lived your life waiting to die at the big A. As a kid I went through the following, firmly foretold by the watchtower: I would never go to highschool, I would never live to see my 20's or get married and have children. Following that, I would not see my children grow up....and on and on.

    I got out as soon as I was able, but have fought that thought pattern my entire life.

    By time I was 11 years old I knew I wanted nothing to do with it no matter what.


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