Are you ready for fall?

by seahart 22 Replies latest jw friends

  • seahart

    The cold weather. The change of colors. Football? World Series? Basketball starts? What do we love about this. My absolute favorite part of the year. I get to look forward to vaction time. Seeing my family in the southern part of the state. Cooking stews,risotto,chicken and dumplings. S.

  • delilah

    BRING IT ON!!!!!!! Football.......sweatshirts, blue jeans......homemade soups....(which I'm making a batch of cream of potato and leek soup, right now)and FOOTBALL....and my sons' football games....and more NFL....OMG!!!!! I love the fall season. OH, and Thanksgiving.

  • Finally-Free

    Fall is the greatest time of year! Cooler weather! I like lots of blankets when I sleep, and that's something I can't do in summer.

    Also Thanksgiving, fall colours, hunting season, new fall clothes, squash soup, camping without mosquitos, the new service year, single malt scotch by the campfire on a clear, cool, starry night.

    Life is good.


  • daystar

    Autumn and early Spring are my favorite times of the year. Recently, I stepped onto my patio and breathed in deeply and could smell Autumn coming. I smiled like the Cheshire Cat!

  • greendawn

    Autumn can be a nice time of the year as leaves fall and the landscapes change and squirrels store up food for the spring after they wake up from hibernation. It's nice to anticipate winter the cold and the warming fires but also Christmas.

  • jrjr4189

    College Football, The crisp air, The smell of the first fire of the season.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I'm no football fan, though my bf is, but I do quite like Autumn. It always seems such a colourful time of year, with all the leaves falling etc. The only thing wrong with autumn is that winter follows it, and I hate winter.

  • juni

    I love autumn and all of the color. Yeah, Delilah! Sweatshirts, jeans.

    Hi Linda! I, too, for the other reason WINTER am kind of sad too. If winter didn't last so long it wouldn't be so bad. Or if I could afford going south for winters and come back for summers and Fall.

    Cooking stews,risotto,chicken and dumplings.

    Oh yeah!!! Homemade soups and don't forget Chili!! All of those "comfort" foods.

    Juni Ahhhhhh..... the smell of dried leaves and campfires in the cold nights, crisp apples, candy apples (apples dipped in melted caramel), and Thanksgiving and Christmas happiness.

  • Gill

    And!!!!! It's not long till Christmas!!!!!!!!

  • juni

    This year I swear (not naughty words) I'm going to get my Christmas shopping done early.


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