Does anyone miss the food?

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  • chiddy

    I don't miss anything from my time as a jw , but there were some slightly pleasant memories and the food gatherings were ok , one sister used to bring the best apple pie and double cream one could ever taste, mmmm lovely

  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    I remember we weren't allowed to call it "Pot Luck" cuz Satan is the God of Good Luck, you know.

  • morty

    The only thing I miss from my JW days are the Frank Mott-Trill Barn dances he use to have!!

    If any of you are from the south western ontario region, you will know what dance I am talking about!!!

    Man, the food, and moo-moo juice was a plenty... we danced and partyed our asses off till morning!! SOme, of us were suppose to be long gone by morning, but ya know, some of us were just heathens and refused to let a good party die...

    Those were the only good days I remember as JW....

  • parakeet

    Way back in the day, when I was a teenager, our cong frequently organized huge picnics with softball and potluck dishes. Families often hosted badminton games and swim parties in the summer, hayrides in the fall, and sledding parties in the winter for all the kids. The JWs at that time seemed to care that the kids had wholesome entertainment, although it didn't offset the misery of attending meetings and fs. I don't miss the food, although it was good, but I'm sometimes nostalgic for those fun times when, for a short while at least, JWs forgot they were JWs and just enjoyed themselves.

  • Dismembered

    All Dubs ever brought at the get-togethers we were at were Ambrosia (orange flavored shit with marshmellows floating around) and 3 bean salad. yuk!

    I'll take "Kobe Beef "prime rib, or steak instead anyday.


  • hambeak

    Yes I miss that When I was a teenager back in the 60's we had lots of them and then in the 70's for some reason the body of elders frowned on them saying that there were too many people coming and recommended small gatherings of no more than 2 or 3 families.

    Are there any apostafests near Dallas?

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