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    Download that "Awake" here:



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    The most dramatic claims were made orally in convention talks, not in print (tho some damning stuff was published)...

    "The youth has a bright future. Many of us suffered from misery, sickness and death. You don't have to experience that any more. The new order is near. ... There will be a very special Service Meeting in the week of 8 September 1975. Invite everybody. And what will then happen? Well, we don't tell. You think, that if Jehovah makes such an appeal, that there's nothing unusual behind it? Yes? ...Well, sell your house, sell everything you own and say oh boy, how long can I carry on with my private means. That long? Get rid of things! Pioneer! Plan to shower people with magazines during these last months of this dying system of things! Everybody you meet!" (source: tape-recording, Divine Purpose District Assembly, Utrecht, Holland, Aug. 1974).
    "Well now, as Jehovah's Witnesses, as runners, even though some of us have become a little weary, it almost seems as though Jehovah has provided meat in due season. Because he's held up before all of us, a new goal. A new year. Something to reach out for and it just seems it has given all of us so much more energy and power in this final burst of speed to the finish line. And that's the year 1975. There's been a lot of talk about the year, in fact even this week some individuals have been wondering, 'well, what does it mean? Do we dare talk about it? Is it something we can discuss among ourselves, even though we may not talk much about it in public? Do we really know what it means?' Well, we don't have to guess what the year 1975 means if we read the Watchtower. Becausethe Watchtower has been very explicit as to what the year 1975 means to us. If you wish to write down the page, 262, in the [May 1] 1967 issue of the Watchtower, we read: What does the year 1975 mean for humankind? The end of 6000 years of human existence, and possibly, the time when God executes the wicked and starts off a thousand-year reign under his son Jesus Christ. Unquote. What did it say? The end of 6000 years of human existence and that's all? NO, it gave us a little more to think about there.... This is meat, and it's come at the right time. And it's in its due season. And it's not wrong to think about it, and to look forward to it. As far as knowing for sure? Well, we know what we know for sure. We just read it. 'The end of six thousand years of human history, and possibly the execution of the wicked and the beginning of the thousand year reign.' And that should be exciting enough, and talk enough for us.... It's only eight years to '75. How little time there is left. How much to happen.... Well now, who will be there of use here tonight? Well the Society has made application of this scripture, pointing out, that those of us among Jehovah's Witnesses that are not regularly associating with his people, without good cause such as being flat on our back, will not be in the New Order. And we're the ones that are going to come around when the doors close and say 'I want in now. Sir, open to us!' And Jesus will have to say 'I'm sorry, I don't even recognize you.' Now wouldn't that be an awful thing? You see now why the Society implores us year in and year out, the same old thing: 'Brothers, get in the flock. Don't let any excuses get in our way. Nothing of any nature.' There's only one thing that's going to count when that time comes, and that's that we are inside. And we hope that all of us here tonight are going to listen to the Society's imploring. We're going to listen to their agonizing entreaty 'Brothers get in' because they know what's coming! And it's coming fast. And don't wait 'till 1975. The door is going to be shut before then.....As one brother put it, 'Stay alive to '75' " (Public Address by District Overseer Bro. Charles Sunutko in Spring 1967 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin [listen]).

    And consider these articles from the time that make specific claims about how short the time is:

    Don't forget too this choice excerpt from the June 1969 Kingdom Ministry (p. 3), which repeats the same thoughts as the Awake! article:

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    Hey Penny

    Thanks for the info on the exact article and many thanks to Atlantis for the link to rip the entire mag.

    It just makes me sick to see how "sure" they were that it was coming then. As I said in the earlier post;

    we're still here, 31 years later, and nothing...nothing has changed.

    Thanks to all for their posts in this regard.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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    If anybody wants it I could scan and certainly put up the text on the site.


    Please DO scan that insert...would love to read that one!



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    How come I cant copy this for future reference

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    Right click mouse. Save as jpg file

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    Hi everybody i tried to edit that link but it didn't work so try this one my early appologies if it dosn't work:


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    Yup it works this time so when ya get to Danny's page just scroll down till ya see the Awake inserts and click on them to enlarge ok cool

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    Brigido and others, I have scanned the first 2 pages of August 1974 KingdomMinistry and the 4 pages of inserts, they should be available here:



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    Hey thanks fokyc for the uploads...well worth the read.

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