Do you own a Juicer?

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  • Satanus

    I have fantasized about getting one of those juicers that is strong enough to turn whole trees into juice. Maybe one day i'll save enough to buy one.

    To The Satanic Juicer One

    This vita mix is about 210 horsepower, with dual carbs and a supercharger. It screams! The neighbors are afraid of it!

    If your dog up and dissappears one day, and you find your juice to have an unusually rich proteiney texture... Ok, i'll leave the rest up to your intuition.



    Theres nothing noisier,than a cat in a juicer..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • greendawn

    Not at present but I agree that the juices straight from the fruit or veg taste great, there are similar freshly squeezed juices on the market but are very expensive. They are supposed to be high in anti oxidants but they must be washed well because unless organic they can be high in pesticides particularly apples.


    When I`m out,I`ll often buy bottled or canned juice..V8 juice one of my favorites,salad in a can..LOL!!..I once juiced a large bag of premade salad..What a waste of a beautifull salad..I got hardly any juice from it...OUTLAW

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    MMM-MMM-MMMM! he was GOOD dog, yessir!

    One very legitimate concern with veggies, organic or otherwise, is that they should be free of e coli, which is usually a consequence of using sewage as fertilizer spray or of farmhands relieving themselves in the fields.

    Wash those veggies! A mild detergent/clorox solution followed by a couple of rinses may be in order.

    Live long & prosper!

  • plmkrzy

    yep a Juice Man and love it. Someday I'll upgrade to one I can throw whole food into.


    Hey Plum..A juicer you can put whole food into?..LOL..I know the feeling..I can juice whole apples or the nieghbours cat..The feeder hole on the "Breville" is very large..You could put your whole hand and arm down it..I let the Canadian Army use it,to get confessions from International Terrorists!!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi Outlaw....I also have a BREVILLE juicer....and am trying to get over the big C...

  • plmkrzy

    :I let the Canadian Army use it,to get confessions from International Terrorists!!..LOL!!...OUTLAW

    Aren't you on trial now for that?


  • flowerfreaks2

    I have an awesome Vitamixer and love it... use that more for blending/smoothies..... And the Jack Lanne juicer... its actually pretty powerful and its great.

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