What self improvements have you made since leaving?!

by Khrysanthemum 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • love2Bworldly

    Welllllll, I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.

  • Khrysanthemum
    I'm thinking about getting a tattoo.

    ME TOO! Ha! I want a turtle on my back....

    Ohhh and as for the whole "working out" thing. I'm in the best shape of my life....( still got a ways to go) I actually excercise now instead of riding around in a car in service, eathing donuts and drinking coffee! Imagine that, taking care of yourself?!

  • bavman

    I like this topic. Progress is slow for a hard head like me but there have been some...

    O.k., well I thought of one anyway...I recently quit drinking COFFEEE!!!! (quite the feat considering I have been drinking it since I was 12...

  • garybuss

    I'm not sure if it's a improvement but I realized I was mortal and if I was going to do some of my dreams I'd better do them. One of my early life dreams was riding up the United States west coast. In 1994 my wife and I rode from South Dakota to Santa Barbara, California then up the coast highway to Port Angles, Washington.

    We took the ferry to Victoria and then to Seattle and back home on interstate 90. This is my 1991 Goldwing and the mother of my 4 sons at the marina in Monterey, California.

  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    I just figured out what tattoo I want too...so we should all go together. That would be fun. We could spend our day getting our tattoo's and being thankful we aren't out going door to door anymore

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    If all goes well I will graduate college in December.

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