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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Sometimes you really are in the right place at the right time.

    I went for a roll along the bike paths. I crossed the Ottawa River and followed the bike path.

    One of the things I missed the most about moving to Manitoba was the changing of the leaves. Ottawa is beautiful in the fall and I'm lovin it. I went out 3 days ago and there was the odd tree here and there that had started to change. Today's tour showed fall is coming. More trees are changing but it will get better as the days go on.

    I stopped on a small bridge and watched the water. It was odd because instead of the water running out of the small brook and into the larger river it seemed to be going in the other direction. There was a small path leading off the main path so I took it and it brought me to a bench with a nice view of the little brook. So intent on the colors I almost missed the movement on the far side of the brook. Then I saw it.

    A Great Blue Heron was cautiously stalking the far side of the brook. I can upload a single image but the video is huge so I'll have to find a way to make it smaller. In the meantime here's a good view


    As I was about to leave I head a small sound at my feet. I looked down and saw a chipmunk. Too bad he was too fast for me to take his picture

  • purplesofa

    A beautiful pic and a beautiful bird

    Sounds like a nice day for you


  • codeblue

    Awesome pic Lady Lee.

    Sure hope you are doing well...


  • zeroday

    We have those here in Tennessee absolutely beautiful birds so graceful.

  • freedomloverr

    wow Lee, I didn't know you had those there.

    beautiful picture.

    I can't wait for fall also! the trees here are starting to change.

  • GoingGoingGone

    What a beautiful bird! What beautiful surroundings!

    Roll on, LadyLee!


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Way cool LL!

    If this were in black and white I'd say you were channeling Ansel Adams

  • Arthur

    Lady Lee

    That is such a cool picture. Those birds are beautiful. The only time that I get to see something like this where I live, is when someone has one of those plastic lawn flamingos in their flower bed.

  • Amazing

    Lady Lee,

    Great picture and nice account of what happened. Thanks for sharing. I live near Chicago, so the closest I get to nature are the Canadian Geese that swim in the retention ponds around town. These are decorated nicely to look park-like. Geese in general are not afraid of humans, and Canadian Geese especially seem to care less about traffic as they cross over major busy roads with their flocks and chicks. They just stroll and take their time, and honk at us as we scramble to stop for them. I truly love to see them, they are a source of beauty and humor.

    Jim Whitney

  • The wanderer
    The wanderer

    Ms Lee: Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture. Respectfully, The Wanderer

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