What about an Ex-JW relief fund?

by czarofmischief 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • czarofmischief

    This is just a "feeler," and I'm trying to gauge the public sentiment, BUT:

    What if some of us ex-JW's established a charitable institution to help ex-JW's make the transition to "worldly" life? This idea was pitched to me by my wife, as we lay in bed talking about my ever-present battle with my past - and she said maybe some kind of charitable fund to help ex-JW's go to college, with scholarships, access to counseling services, etc?

    This idea is barely even a "germ" of an idea - so I thought I would toss it out here and see what kind of reaction I would get. I was lucky when I got out, my family had already put me through school, but so many - especially young people - get screwed by not being prepared.

    Specifically, I was thinking of all these Bethelites that are getting laid off, and maybe some help getting them some education would help them out a little? Of course, it might be difficult to help them when they won't even TALK to ex-JW's, but perhaps the gesture might open some minds?


  • skyking

    Good idea but hard to get off the ground.

  • czarofmischief

    Oh yeah. Very hard indeed.

    Not saying it would be easy. I wouldn't even know HOW to go about doing it even if I decided to... any ideas?


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't know about a monetary arrangement, but I guess someone could set up an advice website (and I'm not volunteering), with hints and tips on where to go for help etc. It would take some setting up, but it might open their eyes to the fact that those outside the wts care more than those in it.

  • carla

    And would you include families destroyed by jw's who incoctrinate only one or a few members of the family and split the family? What exactly would be the criteria? Anyone who was a card carrying member at one time? And the millions of families affected but are not nor ever have been card carrying members what about them? The pain and destruction of the wt reaches very far my friend.

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