Post Your Strange/Interesting Animal Anecdotes

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  • whyizit

    Every year I try to plant flower bulbs next to our porch, and every year a giant mole roots through and tosses them out of ground. Since we have several pets, I hesitate to put poison bait out, lest we cause the demise of the "near and dear".

    After trying all kinds of home remedies that are non-toxic (mini-wind mills, Juicy Fruit gum, etc...), I finally broke down and tried something that was sworn to be "the way" to get rid of a mole. Drop moth balls down it's hole. I used about half a box of them, I even lined the perimeter of my flower garden to create a barrier. After nearly choking to death on the smell myself, it made perfect sense that nothing would want to be around those nasty things!

    A few weeks went by and I was so proud! No mole! It worked!

    We had a pretty good storm and my husband came home from work and asked if we had some hail. I went out to see what he was talking about, and there were all those stinkin' nasty moth balls laying on top of the ground! Even the ones that were not in the hole and were suppose to be my barricade! I could not believe that mole was so bold as to throw my moth balls back out at me.

  • south african beef
    south african beef

    When I was apyoung lad (many years ago!) my parents were farmers tennants living in a cottage in rural Kent. We had a dog (half sheep dog half something else), two guinea pigs and a cat. One day the farmer told my mum that one of his sheep had given birth to three lambs and as they only bring two up would we like to rear the lamb?

    So we brought up a little black wooly lamb.

    However, it grew little horns, it started butting the dog out of the way and sleep in its kennel at night whilst the poor dog had to sleep outside, it ate the dogs food and more surprisingly made a terrible racket when we took the dog for a walk.

    So we had to take the lamb for a walk whenever we took the dog out!!!

    Eventually we reintroduced the lamb to the flock and every so often my mum would find out which field the lamb (now a full grown sheep) was in and we used to walk over to that particular field. When we reached the gate we would hold up dog bicsuits and call out to 'our' sheep and it would notice us and come charging over to the gate, put its front legs up on the gate and scoff the biscuits whilst all the other sheep would stop eating and wonder what was going on!!!

    This story is genuine - I am not on any medication!

  • Gill

    My cockatiel waves.

    I wave at him and wriggle my fingers. He picks up one of his feet and waves his toes at me!!

  • 144001

    While out in service with Dad and another elder, we came to a door with a screen on it that opened as we arrived, letting loose a vicious standard poodle that attacked the other elder and bit him in the groin. I laughed my head off and got in trouble for thorougly enjoying what would have made an excellent "America's Funniest Videos" submission.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Strange is the norm around here. We have a gooofy group of animal clowns. 2 horses, 5 dogs, 1 parrot, 1 crippled pidgeon, 1 beta fish, and it looks like some turtles will be the next residents. We have wild bunnies, chipmunks and squirrels playing in the yard daily.

    We rescued a new puppy and while she is being trained, CP the pidgeon cannot roam free. He has visitors daily, wild mourning doves. So he is really sad but puppy wants to play with him and could hurt him. When he is out he struts around the ranch and has a favorite rock that he sits on. While he is in the safe house his wild dove friends come to visit him. He puffs his chest out and gets excited when they come every afternoon.

    Today we watched a chipmunk climb up on his cage, to his food basket, reach up on two legs for a way to get CP's seeds. They are smart little things and so cute!

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