Post Your Strange/Interesting Animal Anecdotes

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  • Stephanus

    A mate of mine used to live in Penshurst, and I had to pass the corner pet shop to get to his place. More often than not, a small black and white cat was sitting just out of the doorway in front of the shop. What was he doing? He was sitting patiently, with that dreamy, half-asleep expression cats sometimes get, looking up at the cages full of birds fluttering around! I often wondered if to him, that was the cat equivalent of watching TV...

  • Leolaia

    I once watched incredulously when I saw a bird harrass (swooping down and attacking) a poor defenseless cat that was minding its own business. Kinda the reverse of what I would expect.

  • free2beme

    My neighbor when I was younger was an older man who always walked his dog each morning, everyone once in awhile the man would stop and watch us neighbor kids playing and then cover the same amount of ground in the neighborhood daily. This was something you could set a clock too. Each morning, same time. We even got so used to it, that my mother, who would make him treats, would know exactly what time to go out and meet him. Well he died, and it was weird not seeing the man walk the dog. About a week later, the dog got out and walked by and we thought nothing of it. Then we realized it was the same time, and we asked the mans wife about it. She said he just begged to go out, so she let him. She did that every day and the dog kept with the same routine as the olde man had always been on. Same time, same path. So, it answers the question, are the dogs are pet or are we theirs. Apparently, we are as much them talking us for walks, as we are taking them.

  • zeroday

    We had a big family get together at my Dad's condo. He had a golden lab and set her in the back outside. She so wanted to come in and join. She pushed a plastic chair up to the glass door and jumped into it and stared at us, she was mad. Everyone stopped and looked at her, we had to let her in.

  • Stephanus

    When I was a kid, my sister and her family moved from a farm into Sydney, so that her husband could do the Meat Inspector's course at a Technical College. They were living in a flat where they couldn't keep pets, so we ended up with their brown border collie, Scamp, and Fluffy the cat, and her daughter Kitty for a year. Fluffy had some kittens, and when they opened their eyes and began to explore, one got awfully interested in the big brown thing who happened to be Scamp. It followed Scamp as fast as its little legs could carry it. Scamp knew Fluffy waaaaay to well to show any interest in the kitten (knowing that to do so would result in a fistful of claws in his snout!). He moved away, tail between his legs, and when it was apparent the kitten wasn't giving up, he went and jumped over the fence to escape!

  • riverofdeceit

    My cat kicks the crap out of my dog on a regular basis. If I throw the dog's toy into my bedroom, my dog will take five minutes looking for the cat before hurrying in to get his toy.

  • Geronimo

    I had a wire-haired terrier named Pooch, for about fifteen years. She was a canine Einstein. She knew dozens of words. When she'd get in the car I'd say "Get in the back Pooch" and she'd jump over the seat into the back. If I was eating and she was staring at me I'd say "Stop staring at me" and she would. She'd turn around, lay down, and sigh deeply. The truly amazing thing about her is that when she chased squirrels (her favorite activity besides eating) she'd chase them right up the tree! That's right, she was a tree-climbing dog. There were so many times she chased squirrels up trees and caused people's mouths to literally fall open and gape that I lost count. People would walk up to me and jabber, amazed, at my dog. She could'nt climb back down though (or was afraid to try) so she would leap into my arms. I loved that little dog to pieces. She was the smartest dog I ever had, and a wonderful companion. She almost never licked, so when she did it was something special. She was very choosey about people too, and an excellent judge of character. She was also a fine watch dog. I preferred her company to that of most people. She's been dead for at least fifteen years, but I still recall her with love. G

  • restrangled

    At one point I had an African Grey Parrot, English bulldog and a Persian cat.

    On a regular basis the bird would climb down from his cage and waddle over to the sleeping cat, say meow at him and nip his tail, the cat in turn would take his frustration out by walking over and slapping the bull dog in the face. It was the funniest scenerio I have ever seen.


  • juni

    These are cute stories! Aren't our pets therapeutic?

    A friend's kitty while sitting on the rim of the toilet watches him pee and after he flushes the toilet twice the kitty bats at the swirling water! Now I don't know if that classifies as "voyeurism" or just a kitty who loves water!


  • Stephanus

    A friend's kitty while sitting on the rim of the toilet watches him pee and after he flushes the toilet twice the kitty bats at the swirling water! Now I don't know if that classifies as "voyeurism" or just a kitty who loves water!

    Our cat Timmy used to come running when the toilet flushed, when he was younger. He was fascinated seeing all that water cascading into the bowl. (I understand that our toilets flush differently from the American version)

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