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  • blondie

    Part of the hold the WTS has on its members is telling them that they will be alone if they leave. Not any more. There are so many online who understand where you are and can show how we can heal and grow.


  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    OK, it's midnight now and I just got home from going out with a friend of mine, having a few drinks and laughing, having a good time...she's not a JW, never has been, never will, but she's a great friend to have. I always have a good time hanging out with her. But I know if I were still a JW and they knew about that, they would talk me out of hanging out with her, because she's not one of them. I rather be out having a good time with a friend, then be at home all alone and miserable any day! my true self just comes out so much more now, and I'm starting to like who I am again. I was someone else for so long..

  • SPAZnik

    Nice to have you here. :)

  • juni

    Calico Ethel said:

    I was someone else for so long..

    You were a clone of their idea of a good Christian/woman. I can relate to what you are saying.


  • schne_belly

    Hey Shell Bell---

    As a good frined of yours, I can totally say I'm so proud of you! You HAVE come a long way over the past year and I can see how much happier you really are. It's obvious you are finally finding yourself! It's been a rough year for you, that's for sure...but you are pulling through. I TOLD you, you could do it....I believe in you!

    I'm always here for you...and I know you'll meet so many other friends on JWD to help you continue your adventure too!

    Love ya lots!


  • Twitch

    Welcome Calico Ethel


  • GoingGoingGone

    Welcome Calico Ethel!

    Congratulations on your journey! Freedom is a wonderful thing.


  • Fleur
    I have a sister whom I don't speak to anymore who is married to an elder and she herself is a pioneer. She thinks she's better than everyone else in the family, including our parents

    Boy, howdy. Do I hear you there. My own particular version of this JW stereotype now shuns my parents because they don't shun me and my child!

    You're definitely among friends here. Just wait till you get to know yourself, you'll be amazed. You'll be one of the best friends you ever have LOL




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