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  • kwintestal

    At a circuit assembly the DO had a talk about music that debases (blah, blah, blah) and the song that he chose to pick on was Joan Osbourne's "What if God" or whatever it was called mainly because she humanized God, which couldn't possibly happen and it was blaphemy to do so. Give me a break.

    My parents scoured my CD colletion and any CD's with anything that might even suggest anything at all they forced me to get rid of. I had a compelation CD with a song on it by a band called "Porno for Pyros" and the song had nothing at all wrong with it, but because the band had the word "Porno" in their name he wanted to get rid of it because obviously the band wanted it's listeners to think wrong things. I had to get creative and say, "But what if the band thinks that pornographic matierial should be giving to pyromaniacs to burn" and he gave it. It was kind of funny at the time to see him think about the possibility and give in, and it still is.


  • BritBoy

    NOW THERE is a classic JW word... God, the amount of times I heard that word used...

  • Arthur
    Never heard of such a thing. Are you making this up or what?

    No, he's not making it up. The list actually was created (according to my understanding) for the Bethel family. Eventually, the list was photo copied and made it's way into the hands of the rank & file. I specifically remember seeing a phot copy of it. ( I think it was around 1983 or so) This list was not intended to be distributed in the congregations; as it was a Bethel guideline for the Bethel family. But, individual Witnesses took it upon themselves to try to enforce this guideline in the congregations.

    In fact, just as a side note, Bethel conducted a "sweep" of all of the music owned by Bethelites. I know this to be true, because I served at Bethel and remember several overseers telling us stories about it. (I'm not sure what year this was, it was much later on) All Bethelites were to collect all of their music and allow Bethel Elders or Home Overseers to look through it. Any music that was found to be "objectionable" had to be thrown out. Any Bethelite who refused to throw away such objectionable music had to leave Bethel.

    Here's where it gets interesting. Many overseers in Bethel; in their conversations with family and friends back home, mentioned various groups and albums that were found to be "objectionable" by Bethel. What do you think happened next? Several elders and COs started flapping their jaws about this music and how it was not acceptable for any Witnesses. Again, they took guidelines intended for the Bethel family and tried to beat the rank & file over the head with it.

  • 5go

    I can confirm the bethel witch hunt for rap and heavy metal albums. They have it in for country and some pop as well. Though I hear you don't get sent home automatcily for it, as you would for the former. They just trash it.

  • aoxo

    i just went to a rob zombie concert and was thinking about this as i watched porn and gore fashing on the screen behind rob zombie. it was a pretty vindicating feeling to be there. i kept thinking how horrible this would be if witnesses i knew knew that i was there.

  • lighthouse19something

    I remember a talk about dangers of independent thinking, and the c.o. was critical of "MY WAY'" made popular by Sinatra and Presley.

  • tijkmo

    a temporary c.o that stayed with us...david bingham...took all my lps out of my room and hid them under his bed...but i found them and took them back.

    my folks were not too bad...but i did have to get rid of the cover of yes - going for the one...half a naked man

  • under_believer

    *** w62 7/1 p. 409 How Should Christians View Dancing? ***
    ?CAFÉ society, having ignored rock ?n? roll for years, has suddenly, by an apparent process of mass hypnosis, embraced the teen-age craze,? recently reported the New York Times. ?The elite of the social set and celebrities of show business have discovered a sensuous dance called the Twist, performed to rock ?n? roll, and are wallowing in it like converts to a new brand of voodoo.?1 A ritualistic ?voodoo twist? is even being done in West Berlin, for the dance craze has spread from New York to Britain, France and other countries. Few dance crazes in recent years have provoked so much discussion, so much controversy.
    I assume that the sentiments above would put poor Chubby Checker into the "banned" category.

  • restrangled

    This subject irritates me to no end. I was constantly scrutinized about music by my mother. I wrote this in a previous thread but my first purchase was called "Spirit in the Sky" ...does anyone remember this? My father, an elder at the time loved it.

    Back then it was albums, so ours were constantly scrutinized for cover content by my mother. My father could have cared less. The other thing that drove her insane were ear phones. She hated them.

    My mother wound up loving Cat Stevens and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young amoung others.

    Are all of you aware that the origianl song book contained many take offs from the masters, and depending on their "persuasion" those songs were eliminated and they now have the canned, uninspired, crap supposedly done by experts.

    It is the worst crapolla I have ever heard, which is virtually impossible to sing to.

    There is a CD out by famous artists who are witnesses who redid the entire works. IT IS HEAVILY DISCOURAGED, but at least is is melodic, unlike the WBTS's version. (My mom plays this CD in her car all the time....the radio is never turned on.)......arggggg!


  • Leolaia
    well I bought a single by the Art of Noise back in the 80s and I remember it having a skull or something on the cover, my dad came into my room and was terribly serious. He said the record was demonised and I had to watch him smash it to pieces.

    LOL!! I suppose he had watched their music video "Close to the Edit" in which they smashed musical instruments into pieces?

    "Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise" (their album title)? I guess your dad was!

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