What Message is the GB Giving Mature Ones at Bethel With a Massive Lay Off?

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  • garybuss

    Last Sunday's Watchtower study was a commercial for Bethel (branch) service. Bethel (branch) service was mentioned three times just in this one article.

  • frankiespeakin


    If last wk WT study encouraged young ones to consider bethel service, just think what a slap in the face all these sent to pasture 'mature ones" must have felt. It must be encreasingly obvious that they are getting rid of older ones because they are a finacial burden.


    We`ve Used You,and Abused you,and now we need to Lose You..Hurry up and die,we don`t need the bad press.No money should speed up your demise..You`ll be resurrected in 1975.You`ll be in the New System..You can pet lions and talk to blueberrys...OUTLAW

  • frankiespeakin

    The GB need to learn basic human kindness, as the apostle paul is supose to have said teachers need to teach themselves. They have sponsored so much to be printed on the subject of human kindness but are so devoid of it in reality.

  • frankiespeakin

    You would think that a bunch of old guy on the GB would have more compassion on these "mature one" and treat them better, but maybe they just view them, because or thier very advanced age as just "whipper-snappers" and not even give it a second thought, but I'm sure they are creating a stench that is following them all around bethel.

  • SirNose586

    Last bookstudy the conductor (ex-bethelite) jokingly said that I "didn't know it yet, but [I] was going to shipped off to Bethel" to work on cars. Even though I rock my mask well, I didn't laugh with others when he cracked the joke. No thanks; I don't want to get any closer to Jesus Cano types. Besides, I'd just be kicked to the curb when the next wave of downsizing hits.

  • frankiespeakin

    I don't think the GB even know what a bad stench they now have in the nose of practically every "mature one" in bethel that don't go around kissing the GBs ass for favor. I would be willing to bet that GB ass kissing is at an all time low now at bethel.

  • frankiespeakin

    They say that wisdom is intelligence with compassion, have the GB shown wisdom??

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Outsourcing (they've largely abandoned producing their own food in favor of contracting with third parties) and downsizing now appear to be the watchwords for the WTBTS at headquarters.

    This calls to mind Tom Cabeen's calculation that it would make much more economic sense to outsource the production of magazines than to continue to sustain their top-heavy, overlarge workforce.

  • dozy

    Just my 2p - from a corporate perspective , I'm sure that the Org is being very careful whom they let go , with the most lobotmised devoted JWs getting the push. Any who are slighly "off message" and inclined towards "independent thinking" should be retained (on the "better inside the tent p***ing out than outside the tent p***ing in" basis) as if these ones are given responsibilities such as CO & DO positions , they could do untold damage , espeically if they are bitter.

    And far better that they are sent to some far out post (Hicksville , North Dakota) than to a city where they would have authority and a degree of influence. Ironically , it is in the cities , with the huge number of immigrants , where the real growth and potential exists.

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