Prisoner 8633 at CafePress. Get your own Rutherford T-shirts and mugs now!

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  • VM44

    New! Unique!

    Be the first in your neighborhood to own your very own Prisoner 8633 T-shirt!

    Who is Prisoner 8633? Why, it's Judge Joseph Rutherford!

    Need to find that special present for your Jehovah's Witness friend or Bethel worker? Look no further!

    They will love making a theocratic fashion statement by wearing the mug-shot image of the second president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

    Get your own T-shirt of the Judge now while they last!


    Prisoner 8633 mugs are also available.

    Start your day right by pouring some good old joe in your prisoner 8633 mug sporting Joey Rutherford's face.


    --VM44 (not affiliated with Prisoner 8633 or Cafepress)

  • Leolaia

    A mugshot on a mug, what a perfect concept. :)

    Remember, this imprisonment supposedly fulfilled Bible prophecy. Where else can you wear a t-shirt that shows Bible prophecy literally being fulfilled?

    So if Rutherford was Prisoner #8633, who was #6? And if Rutherford ever became the new #2, who was #1? ;)

  • Leolaia

    Ooooh!! I love the "Boozin' with 'Da JUDGE' Stein". :)

  • cabasilas

    The T Shirt needs this on the back:

    "Millions Now Living Are Dead"

  • monkeyshine

    The T Shirt needs this on the back:

    "Millions Now Living Are Dead"

    That would be funny.

    Nice shirt VM44. I'd LOVE to wear one but if my dad saw me he would FTFO! I respect him, not them.

    Maybe I'll get one and wear it when I am out of town. (or he is)

  • MidwichCuckoo

    The 'tote' bag would be ideal for 'sisters' to carry the Watchtowers in during service.

  • Hellrider

    Print them up, I`ll order one (oh, and put the millions now living are now dead on the backside)

    Oh, and Rutherford looks like a gangster!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think that if they are on cafepress, they can be ordered now.

    The reason JFR looks like a gangster is because this is his mug shot from Atlanta Federal Penitentiary and the photo was taken without the benefit of Watchtower makeup artists.

    The clean and sparse design without pre-planned slogans makes it possible for anyone armed with a tube of fabric paint (acrylic paint works GREAT too*) and a reasonably steady hand to apply the slogan of their choice to the shirt.

    *Tips for shirt sloganeering: (read the instructions all the way through before beginning)

    1. PLAN your slogan. do a lifesize layout on paper in pencil. Make sure it fits and that the words are spelled correctly and are in the right order.

    2. transfer your design to the shirt. use a cardboard backing to make sure the paint doesn't bleed through and ruin the front of the shirt. Don't soak the paint into the shirt. Good coverage is all that is necessary.

    3. let the shirt air dry at room temperature undisturbed overnight. After it is dry, remove the cardboard backing and put the dry shirt into a clothes dryer and tumble on the "cotton" setting for at least 20 minutes. take the warm shirt from the dryer and straighten it out, letting it lie flat. Let it cool. After it has cooled it is ready for years of use.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I like the tote bags, I'd take my work stuff in one and see if the jw I work with recognises the image on it. I wouldn't mind the pink t shirt as well.

    Thanks for that VM44

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Cool. Now, where's the dartboard version?

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