Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

by hambeak 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • hambeak

    Since most of us on this board have left the org for one reason or another, do you still feel a sense of spirituality to the Great Spirit?

    If so how? If not why?

  • luna2

    I used to think I was a spiritual person. Now I mostly think I'm a very stupid person. I probably need a bit more time to sort out what I believe in any more.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I consider myself a rational person now, able to make decisions without consulting a higher power to see if it's ok. I lost all my faith, and later all my belief, in god when I found out what a load of bs I had been swallowing all those years in the wts.

  • Nowman

    No I do not consider that I am a spiritual person. I really do not know if this is good or bad thing, but I feel I do not have to have all my questions answered. I think about spirituality, or being spiritual, then it reminds me of being a Jehovahs Witness. Then I think about something else...


  • Beardo

    What does that actually mean?

    If spiritual means attempting to connect with the great one "out there" and the great one "in there" - then yes.

  • girasole

    I consider myself a spiritual person in that I like to experience the wonder and awe in nature and in life. I enjoy seeing the complexity in things. I believe in the interconnectedness of all things - among humans and in nature and I believe that every person and thing contributes to this whether consciously or subconsciously.

    Personally, I do not attribute any events in nature or acts of humans to proof of a god. I simply absorb, accept, and appreciate what I observe.


  • moshe

    Is God watching when you give a prayer before meals? If not, it doesn't matter, if you pray or not. Was God watching when a Tsunami killed 250,000 people on December 26th, 2004? Did God hear any of those prayers from the victims? I am practical and a realist, until God shows me otherwise.

  • Moomin

    Hi Hambeak, I'm trying to keep reading and learning from the bible. I try to live according to the ways Jesus spoke of but I fail miserably every day. I would be embarrassed to refer to myself as a spiritual person as I know there's no way my behaviour reflects that.

    How would you describe a spiritual person? I'm not really sure myself.

  • Satanus

    I do, but i don't look to any higher power. That is because i feel part of it all. I am equal to it and to all. No begging or thanking from me.


  • PeachRose

    I consider myself more spiritual now then I've ever been. I can worship God and feel I'm truly worshiping him rather then a book company. At home my husband and I take turns praying out loud before meals (rather then my husband just saying the prayers). I feel that God truly listens to my prayers and I'm more at peace with myself rather then constantly feeling guilty about all the doubts I was having about the borg. My husband feels as though a great weight has been lifted off his shoulders. For years and years he was tormented about the religion-he stopped believing a long time ago but was staying for his family. Ever since we left he's been at peace with himself. It's wonderful to see it, and to see him happy, and at peace with his life.

    I feel I've become more in tune with my spirituality now more then ever. I hope everyone else has too! xoxo

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