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  • PeachRose

    I don't believe in it either. The demon stories were made up to scare people into doing whatever the priests said. JW's have had their share of BS demon stories too (got to love the scary pictures in the WT's and books). I remember being so scared as a kid that "demons would possess me" if I did anything to entertain them i.e., read Stephen King novels (I swear my parents said if I read his books it would please the devil), wear black nail polish (I kid you not), listen to heavy metal music (the lyrics were Satanic), etc. lol

    However, I do believe, especially years ago before modern medicine, that people who were considered "demonized" or "possessed by the devil" were really people with brain disorders, skitzo's, etc. They obviously acted "different" from society (things like foaming at the mouth, acting crazy, etc.) made them appear demonized and they were brought to priests to be exercised of their demons. Crazy!

  • ButtLight

    I just dont know what the heck to believe. Ok, how about just haunted places. (skip the demonized people for now) So many shows, yes, some are just for entertainment, but alot of them are based on true stories! More than one person in the house hearing voices, or doors slamming, and such. Even the priests see and hear these things. Are they all nuts? lol

    Shut up JH

    Boo !!!!!!!!!

  • 30girl

    I'm with Monkeyshine. I used to love the stories of people who ran into talking animals out in service who told them to go away -- LOL. Now I consider the source. Funny you should mention spirits I just read the most interesting article from my Anthropology class. The experience was with him being Western and going into a culture that practiced witchcraft. He left with a different perspective on what is witchcraft and what a person can and will believe -- kinda like Plato's allegory of the cave??

  • monkeyshine
    ....but alot of them are based on true stories

    Buttlight, what you have to understand is that the person who said it was a true story wants you to believe that. THEY are telling the story so THEY say it really happened. Whether they are lying or they are a little mental and actually believe it is the real question.

    If someone has a problem with mental illness and doesn't know it, whatever they see is real to them. Reality is in the eye of the beholder. It is relative.

    If you saw something that was in your imagination, yet it looked like you could reach out and touch it, you would say it was real. YOU saw it. You actually saw it and no one could tell you different. Because to you, in your mind, you DID see it.

    Now, if 50 other people were in the room, and they did not see it, then you'd have to ask yourself "Am I crazy, or am I the only sane one here?" But then, and only then, would you question it. Otherwise you would take it your grave as concrete proof.

    The human mind is a strange place. We do not know what it holds. Back in the 1950's man thought they had it down pretty good. But they were not close to what we know now. What was considered scientific fact then, is garbage now. (Not all of it of course)

    Today we think like they did in the 1950's. "We figured it out." But like them, we have much to learn. One day they will look back at a lot of our science and scoff. Just like we scoff at ancient civilizations and the explanations they had for what was going on in the world.

    Just my opinion of course

  • parakeet

    ***Do you believe that they can actually cast demons out of someone, or that a person can even become demonized?***

    I'll get back to you on that as soon as I finish eating these flies.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I highly doubt that demons only want to make JW look bad, Catholic priests use the Roman Ritual in order to exorcise demonic spirits, the roman ritual are a set of prayers, that call upon God, Jesus and archangel Michael to cast the demons out, it is usually a long process. The Roman Ritual has exisisted long before JW, and many other American religions, so many new religions seem to attack catholic rituals, because they don't have the same or they need to attack the catholic church to make their religion look good, and probably with the help of Demons called ELDERS!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Almost forgot this, a few months ago a priest at mass said that the exorcism of Emily Rose was pretty close to what actually really does happen

  • Arthur
    I do believe in mental illness, which you'll find is the basis for most of your "based on true events" movies or shows. Some stories, Like the Amityville one, seems to have been completely fabricated.

    Seeker4 makes a good point here. It has been noted by many in the psychiatric community; that mental illness in children has been often mistaken as demonic possession. This tends to happen more in third world counntries, or in isolated populations where the people are uneducated.

    When uneducated and superstitious people observe a child with ADD, autism, or Tourettes Syndrome; their first thoughts will usually be demonic influences. When most people in advanced societies observe the same syptoms in their children; they take them to physicians and psychiatrists; not priests.

  • aoxo

    in the book "People of the Lie" by scott peck, he mentions that there have only been a handfull of cases that the catholic church has officialy documented as genuine demon possesions. most of cases reported as being possessed are some form of mental illness.

    to add to the comment on the amnityville horror, yes it was fabricated, the boy that killed his parents was mentaly ill but the oddities of the whole thing was that nobody had heard the shots fired from the high powered rifle. none of the neighbors or seemingly any of the family members. the family members were all found dead lying in the position that they were sleeping in. this boy killed his parents and then went upstairs to kill his siblings, so there was plenty of time for them to wake up and inspect the noise but they were found shot to death lying on their stomachs undesturbed from the sounds of the rifle shots from downstairs where there parents were shot. the parents were also found lying in such a way to appear that they had not been awoken by the sound of their spouse being shot. eerie, but in no way demonic.

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