Good news!

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  • Sunspot

    Happy to hear good news!

    I'm glad for you that most of the worst illnesses are exed out of the picture, and I'm hoping that it is something that will be easily treated when they DO find out what it is!



  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I hope that is good news - depending on what you do have I suppose. Slowly ruling out the bad guys is a good thing for sure.

    Lupus can be pretty hard on some people - others seem to have a milder form it seems.

    Keep us informed. All the best to you.


  • bikerchic
    My doctor says that I don't have myelodysplasia!

  • Flash
    My doctor says that I don't have myelodysplasia! He says that he doesn't know what I have. ...He's all ready checked for HIV and hepatitis; I didn't have either of those.

    So, I guess that's good news!

    I would say that is good news too.

    I don't know how exactly your suffering, have all the usual suspects like poor diet, sleep disorders (such as Apnea), allergies, depression and Lyme disease been ruled out?

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