"i enjoyed your talk Brother"

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  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    I was musing about being a Jw the other day.Im not scarred by it like many,i dont hate anyone in my old cong..theres a couple of idiotic Elders of course,but in the main my biggest thing when i think of my past life is the farsical nonsense of it all!

    Meeting attendance,knocking on doors...oh dear.

    One of the stupidest things was being required to do Talks.I mean,come on who really used to listen to that drivel..i mean REALLY listen?

    I was an ok speaker,nothing briliant,competent ..even gave a pub talk once when all the Elders were on a jolly up at elders school.

    It occurred to me how robotic Bros and sis were when it came to giving praise!No matter how crap the talk was,one would always get a "i really enjoyed your talk brother".Every time.Without fail.I know they were being nice,i used to say it all the time too.My dad once said it to me and i asked him what he liked most about it?He admitted he didnt remember what it was even about.I dont remember in 30 years man and boy EVER enjoying a talk.

    Yep,its a nonsense religion alright.Full of braindead robots.

    Did anyone actually pay close attention and really enjoy the "food"from the platform?

  • sspo

    I know what you mean

    What else can you say to somebody that tried to give a 45 min. talk?


    Most of the time when the talk was lousy I would just thank them for coming and giving the talk

  • LongHairGal

    You have to be careful when you compliment a brother on his talk - especially if you are a sister.

    The brother might be a mental case who thinks you are after him - even if you are not.


  • luna2

    I guess that's why they encouraged people to take notes. lol

    I usually couldn't remember what had been said ten minutes after the talk was over. I used to feel pretty bad about that too...but not enough to take notes. Most of the talks I remember anything of now were either because the speaker was lousy, used some gross illustrations or made strong (usually inaccurate) statements. The rest, the competent talks, all just dissolved into the miasma of Jdubiness that permiated by brain during that time. Sometimes I feel like I was hypnotized for all those years.

    I used to force myself (very shy) to go up and compliment the speaker too...hoping he wouldn't ask me about specifics as my mind would go blank. Such a sad little religion.

  • Gill

    Sadly, I have a brain like a tape recorder and a pretty good photographic memory!

    I remember toooooo much of it all!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I used to have forgotten the topic of most of the public talks I heard within a few hours of the meeting, never mind the content.

    My bf gave a few public talks, and he can't remember what any of them were about.

  • Finally-Free

    That reminds me...

    I was never a "commenter" at the meetings. The reason I never commented was because it enraged me when 10 people would start fluttering like idiots around me after the meeting, chanting stupidly, "nice comment!", "I enjoyed your comment", or "nice to hear you comment".


    Once I replied to a sister, "Really? What did you like about it?" All I got from her was a blank stare.

    I just wanted those idiots to leave me the f*ck alone. Non-participation in the meetings was the best way to ensure that.


  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    I can remember that if a certain brother had the last talk on the thursday evening meeting - I would groan inside knowing that at the time i would be tired enough and then to hear his droning comments would surely send me to sleep (probably would have been better if i did nod off). Not that my own talks were much, it was an area i particularly didnt like but felt obliged to do. I would often get that one 'i enjoyed your talk' from a particular elders wife, and yet be counciled for it by the school overseer, lol.

    CS 101

  • truthseeker


    I heartily agree with your conclusions.

    People that NEVER spoke a word to me, would approach me after the meeting and say, "that was an excellent talk brother, I really enjoyed it."

    Once, I asked a sister who said that, "what was it about?" - she looked typically flustered.

    I think saying that is just an excuse to chat, which isn't so bad in itself, but you know how the dubs act.

  • Moomin

    I found that even if I tried to listen intently, I still wouldn't remember anything about it afterwards. A lot of the talks seemed to be just a load of talk about nothing.

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