Pakistan Wedding for my Quicki Mart Friend

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  • Sparkplug

    Littledrummerboy- Welcome and Jump right in.

    I had to laugh a little because I just skipped over that whole line. I personally was raised up in a lot of trailers and it sucked. But...I survived. I went to a home a while back and WOW trailers have changed. Someday I will have to tell you of my duct tape trailer. But for now, I am just going to welcome you. For you have jumped right in and for that I salute you. I tend to do that too. It scares some away and that is too bad. For if they stuck around, well they would find a swell friend.

    Welcome again.

  • Sparkplug
    He is also looking forward to giving her the opportunity to live in our beautiful country.

    Imagine getting to show your new mate a brand new life style. Keep what you want of the old and open the door for all the other opportunities. Wow!

    JWdaughter- I wonder about our form of falling in love. I am not that proficient at it really so I guess sometimes I wish someone with a lot of wisdom would set up a date for me. Maybe not marriage, but it might be fun to have someone else do the choosing. I must say it has to be someone with good taste as far as looks (on the superficial side), and then someone woho really "gets' me before they try to pick and choose my dates. It could be interesting.

    But marriage I would say would be a stretch. I guess if I was raised that way, it would not be a big deal to accept it. But I can say that I would have it would be so sickening and jittery at the same time. What if you were not sexually compatible? What if they were not at all someone you could talk to? Oh man I would be so nervous in that situation.

  • Merry Magdalene
  • LDH

    I really, really, REALLY hope I am misunderstanding you here. If I read correctly you are saying that if a person has a mobile home and is poor that they are rascist.

    If so then i reitterate....whaaaat?

    What color is the sky in the world you live in? Is it purple with pink polka-dots?

    btw some people choose to live in mobile homes to save money. (like me for instance)

    Does that make me....and I shudder to stoop so low as to type this because I hate the term, but does that make me trailer trash? Just because of what I live in? Just because I am not well off financially?


    If I misunderstood, then I respectfully ask that you enlighten me.

    If you were just wasn't funny.

    well, newbie, let's just say one good turn follows another. If he felt it was appropriate to use an incorrect stereotype as a racial slur, I'll do the same.

    Why am I not surprised that you're offended over a comment that *MAY* be misconstrued to misrepresent you.....and not offended at a comment that misrepresents 12% of the American population....

    Can you say ego-centric?

    If it wasn't funny to YOU, that's fine. I'm not a comedienne. Most of the time.

    Spark, I know what you meant, I'm just saying sometimes "backhanded' compliments can really show you what a person is all about....


  • Simon


    I used to think you had a big chip on your shoulder but I see that you are a completely balanced person ... you have a huge chip on BOTH shoulders.

    Once again, you storm in and start insults on a perfectly nice topic for no reason. New posters have just as valid opinions as you have.

    I think you and I both need you to have a break from posting for a while.

  • Little Drummer Boy
    Little Drummer Boy

    errr, ummm, sorry..

    Looks like I caused some trouble.

    Sorry 'bout that.

    Thanks for the welcome sparkplug.

    btw, that you used up your post limit per day in my wife's thread (exwitless - "hello we're new here" was the thread I think) to welcome us really meant a lot to us. You're pretty cool.

    Hello Simon, you have a nice board here, I apreciate your support. Sorry for the trouble and that we had to meet this way.

    LDH don't know why what I wrote was ego-centric. Not even sure what that means. Seriously. Honestly when I replied to what you wrote, I really hadn't paid all that much attention to the original, post (my bad). The are soooo many topics rolling by all the time that it is difficult to focus on them. I have never been on any board this active. I was just scanning the active topics, and happened to see this thread, scanned through it really quickly, and saw your line that I commented on. It just jumped out to me as the typical "trailer trash" stereotype and that got under my skin. While I won't appologize to you for something you wrote (the trailer stereotype), I will appologize to you for not expressing myself properly and will fully admit that I didn't read the thread better. So, I'm sorrry. Hope we can be friends.

    Peace everybody,


  • Brigid

    Isn't it great, when you just connect with people randomly and glimpse into the different and beautiful stitches that make up our collective human family? I have had the most beautiful "love affairs" in seconds by just connecting, sharing a smile or a brief conversation with random strangers.

  • greendawn

    These arranged marriages I could never understand, how can one get into a permanent arrangement of marriage with someone s/he never met? What if they don't like the person their parents chose, physically or emotionally? Do they just say no and leave or divorce later?

  • lisavegas420

    Thank you Sparkplug for sharing those beautiful thoughts about your friends.

    I worked for a doctor from India...She took her daugher back to get married to a man from India. It also was a pre-arranged marriage. I thought the whole thing was very strange. Her daugher's new husband was her uncle from the father side, the girl was 14 the uncle was 35.


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