Does the bible tell whether Joseph(Jesus' father) was a virgin before Mary?

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    Interesting point, brought up in another understanding of the account by a Catholic friend of mine ...

    There are missing books from the Bible that say he was a Widow and had children, took Mary in and never had sex with her, that is why their are account of Jesus having siblings, and yet it never says if they are younger or older.

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    Leolaia...welcome back btw, we missed you. I recently read Hugh Schonfield's "The Lost Book of the Nativity of John" and think it could make a great contribution to the questions about the nativity of Jesus in Luke and Matt. Put briefly he reconstructs what he convincingly argues was a written nativity legend for John the Baptist from various ancient sources. This legend was of course created in the idiom of Jewish myth of a savior being concealed from threats and revealed through providence mirroring those similar stories of Moses and Abraham. I'd love to get detailed but its past my bed time. I realize that its typically assumed that the John legends were dependent upon Luke/Matt, but the internal Gospel evidence we've discussed before suggests dependence the other way around.

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