I'm now in Arizona...

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  • Confession

    Greetings, fellow Arizonians (?),

    Originally from Michigan, but lived in Southern California for the last fourteen months. Just this past week, my daughter and I moved into our new home in Arizona--near Phoenix. It's been a heck of a thing trying to get boxes put away, etc.--especially since one of my clients flies me out to a different city every weekend.

    But we're here. My daughter isn't particularly interested in ex-JW meetups, but I am. If there are any Phoenicians who'd like to meet for lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks some weekday or evening, just let me know.



  • earthtone

    Why do you move around so much?

    I hear Arizona has great weather. Hot, but dry heat.

  • luna2

    Wow, another move. Hope you get to stay put for a while.

  • Kudra

    Hi Confession,

    I'm down here in Tucson! pm me if you ever get down to these parts!


  • Confession
    Why do you move around so much?

    Well, Earthtone, I never used to move around. I was in Michigan for the first 38 years of my life. I moved to Cali awhile back as part of my attempt to "fade" from the organization--and because I wanted to live where it was warmer.

    In looking to buy a home, I presently find California both very expensive and rather risky--at least in the short term. An 1100 square foot home would cost me about $475,000 to $550,000 in any area that interested me. And I can almost feel that real estate "bubble" burst and my losing $75,000 in a year. As a newly "awakened" ex-JW who did not aggresively invest, thinking Armageddon was coming at any moment, what I need is to buy a home in which I see good prospects for appreciation.

    So for about 60% of the cost, I'm now in a very nice, new 2400 square foot home in Arizona. It has all the room I need for my office. (I primarily work from home.) And, although real estate appreciation takes its twists and turns, it's in an area that is presently exploding in growth. Should do well! :o)

    And, yes, now that I--at age 40--am finally an actual "home owner," I do expect to be around for awhile.


  • M.J.

    Congratulations on your move and your new home! You just caught the beginning of the nice weather there.

  • misanthropic

    Hi! I'm i Tucson, so if you are ever this way let me know. You moved here at a good time. It's really starting to get nice in Arizona right about now (and helping me to remember why I live here) :)

  • target

    I was in Arizona, in Avondale. Made my exit from the cult there. Now I am in Colorado. A lot more comfortable, weather wise.


  • Nowman

    I love Arizona, and when my kids are grown, my husband and I will move there. I go there often because my mom lives in Fountain Hills, and I have two of my best friends that just built a house in Gilbert(?)....Lucky.....


  • M.J.

    Nowman, pretty soon there won't be any midwesterners in the midwest, cause they'll all be in AZ...

    Seems like midwesterners really love it, while Californians begrudgingly move there 'cause it's cheaper (and drive up the prices anyway).

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