Is It true what they say about you?

by OUTLAW 24 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    Is It true what they say about you?

    No, but they would like to think it is.

    1.Your all Apostates! 2.You`ve left Jehovah 3.your all,so unhappy!!

    1. Maybe some of us, but so are those leading the Organization!
    2. Not all of us, but I'll bet most of the GB has!
    3. Not true, I'm happier free of the burdon of being LORDED OVER 24/7!
    The guilty know it`s not about Jehovah..It`s about thier filthy conduct,and the fact we want nothing to do with thier perverse lifes...

    Yes, but they're in denial.

    1.Why would we blame that on Jehovah? 2.Why would they insist we do?...OUTLAW

    1. Some unfortunately do. God has given us all (including those who govern His people) a great deal of freedom. Its not without consequences if we abuse that matter who we are.
    2. It makes them feel better about themselves to put us down. They feel more righteous and secure.
  • MegaDude
    You can't put a price on FREEDOM!!



  • Ade

    Jw's can never be happy - Reason: No matter how much they do they can never feel acceptable to God, never quite feel like their doing enough.Did God want them to feel like this , I doubt it. But what a great way for the brainwashing from the top to continue along its path !!!!!!!!!!!

    Hence the amount of depressed brothers and sisters.

    The only happy ones are the ones about to leave !!

  • Twitch

    Yeah, sucks to be your own person,....


  • joannadandy

    I have a full belly and had a beer...I'm pretty happy rights about now! YAY ME!!

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