Did CNN's Nancy Grace Cross The Line???

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  • crankytoe

    I love Nancy Grace, and I think she's sexy hot. Although I think she was too harsh with the lady. She probably should have kept her suspicions to herself and let the police do their investigation.

    I will continiue to watch her show... and write her emails, and send her letters, and pictures, and .....uh oh

  • lonelysheep
    Someone should have told the poor girl not to interview with Grace - a former prosecuter known to ask tough Q's of her guests.

    Yes. That's just how Nancy is. I will continue to watch her.

  • Warlock

    Prosecuters are NEVER wrong.........................NEVER. Just ask one.


  • Mulan

    I like Nancy Grace. She asks the really tough questions. I get a bit uncomfortable at times, when she is going on and on about something, but her instincts are usually right on!!

  • candidlynuts

    i dont mind a reporter asking tough questions but Nancy grace badgers people, she will rant and rave and not let her guests have time to speak and she just KNOWS SHE IS RIGHT about EVERYTHING and if you dont think like she does she belittles you .

    the woman may not have killed herself because of the interview..she may be guilty of harming her son in some way.who knows?

    the problem is nancy grace is supposed to be a reporter, an interviewer, she fails in that she makes judgements and loses any impartiality or balance that a reporter should have.

  • lovelylil

    I agree with Candidly, That is why I said someone should have told the poor girl not to do the interview. Ms. Grace is still a pitbull from all her prosecuting experience and while I think a reporter should ask hard Q's - Ms. Grace does come off like she is "cross examing" a witness and I think she has to learn some restraint. Lilly

  • hambeak

    I don't get cable or sattelite tv only an antenna which is very clear. I did see the report on abc this afternoon though, and from what I saw she went entirely too far. It seems some reporters are in for ratings and not truth it doesn't matter what happens to their objects of the news story or how they portray 1/2 truths. It is disgusting

    just my point of view


  • 144001

    Nancy Grace bought into John Mark Karr's "confession," despite knowledge of facts inconsistent with his confession. Her face . . . well, let's just say, a picture of her would make a great antidote for Viagra. Her show should be cancelled.


    Nancy is still making comments about the mother...why doesn't she just let the police handle it? She noted that the mother placed and ad in the paper trying to sell the child's car seat...before he went missing. He could have outgrown it for all she knows, or this mom could be guilty. The point is though, the woman is dead and I'm sure her family is having a tough time dealing with all this. I find it odd that she can't say one apology for her death....what if it turns out that the woman was innocent???

    Swalker ( I think N.G. needs to take a break from the show or CNN needs to pull it altogether!)

  • lawrence

    I'd pay to watch Nancy Grace locked in a steel cage with Hilary Clinton - 1 piece of bread, 1 bottle of water, and 1 comes out alive. Then we'd get to see the modern woman at her best.

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