What TV Show Can You Absolutely NOT Miss???

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  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    well now I have a new can't miss show:

    Ugly Betty

    That show is awesome. Grey's Anatomy is getting a little to close to shark jumping imo.

    But the Grey's men are still pretty hot

  • MsMcDucket
    Without a Trace

    Unhappy, this episode gave me goosebumps and even had my husband crying:

    "Without a Trace"
    Hang on to Me (2003)

    < Prev | Episode 13 of 107 | Next > Directed by
    Paul Holahan

    Writing credits
    Jan Nash (story) &
    Greg Walker (story) .
  • Highlander

    Highlander, oh my, I'm completely jealous. Of course, you weren't drooling, but what was he like off camera?

    James Spader is in my opinion the same off camera as he is on camera. A very unique individual. I only was able to say hi to him,

    however I could see how he interacts and behaves with the other personnel at the studio and it's much like his tv character.

  • zagor

    There is no regural show I'm addicted to at all, if I watch tv at all it is usually some documentary on Discovery or National Geographic. But in last 6-7 months I don't think I even watched too many of these. Last time I turend tv on was about two weeks ago to see some travel show and in the end didn't even watch it, was busy doing something else on computer.

  • veradico

    Smallville, Grey's Anatomy, Dexter (on Showtime), Simpsons, Six Feet Under, Desperate Housewives, Queer as Folk, The Dead Zone, Charmed, Monk, House, The Daily Show old favorites: Star Treck (the original and the Next Generation), Murder She Wrote, Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan's Island, Matlock, Fresh Prince

  • Satanus

    There are some that i like, but, if i miss them, it's no big deal. The way i see it, most of even the good programs are not real.


  • LadyConstantine

    Heroes for me. There won't be a new episode till after the new year :(

  • Rebirth

    Highlander, Oh great. That isn't what I wanted to hear. LOL!

    He has this way about him that is simply captivating. I am not normally attracted to that type of person, but he is just spell-binding and makes me VERY hot to trot!

    Thanks for sharing!


  • MsMcDucket
    Heroes for me. There won't be a new episode till after the new year

    I can't wait! Why is that girl's dad erasing everyone's memory? Is the Haitian a good guy or bad guy? Will the artist continue to be able to make comic strips while he's not under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

    So many questions!

  • blondie

    I regularly watch Little People, Big World on TLC (The Learning Channel).


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