Is a sexually promiscuous life style linked to depression or insecurity?

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  • outoftheorg

    Well I was going to post my thoughts.

    But I found they were already repeated, several times with other posters comments.

    So I will only say first- insecurity - lack of self worth - desperate need for affection - lack of love of one's self.

    This whole discussion should be put in an easy to find archive for others to use in the future.


  • BizzyBee
    first- insecurity - lack of self worth - desperate need for affection - lack of love of one's self.

    Yup, Outof - this is not rocket science - it is almost a mathematical formula - it is that consistent.

  • free2beme

    My mother was married to my father for 26 years. When they divorced, she started sleeping with tons of men, even men that were my age (made me sick). Anyway, she claimed to be happy at the time, 15 years later, she will be the first to tell you that it was the most depressing time in her life. Lots of sex does not equal happiness. Unless it is with someone you love and trust, and even then, that is the cap of happiness, not the core.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with your posts. There has to be love, trust and commitment.

    And, as for your acquaintances who act as if you should envy or want their lifestyle - I DON'T think so. They don't really think so either. I think it is a case of misery loves company and I think they envy your peace of mind because you are not worrying what you caught from the latest sexual encounter.
    Who needs it.


  • Genesis

    Im very confused on this whole issue, as some knows im with my first girlfrien d (we are in a 2 week break to think about our relatioship) and I have never sleep with anybody besides her but her she has slept with 3 other men before me. Sex is good between us, really good and sometimes we even say I love you while doing it. But at the same times I wish I had knew other womens before her. Some say that I must go experience more women now else I will when older the time will not be right. There is a part of me that want to enjoy sexual promiscuty before having a steady relationship but I love my girlfriend. She sais she would understand if I needed to know other women but at the same time I cant imagine her knowing new man as if it was only me that has right because she had other experience and not me... maybe im selfish and dont know what I want, gosh I hate life sometimes :(

  • BizzyBee

    Genesis - you are talking about relationships - not promiscuity. Promiscuity is kind of the opposite of a relationship.

    IMHO, at 20 years old, it is generally a good idea to meet and get to know other people before settling down with one.

  • Sirona

    My opinion is that if someone is single, it isn't wrong of them to have sex frequently (as long as they're using protection). The issues arise when someone is taking risks and / or having sex for the wrong reasons. What I mean by that is that some people just can't say "no" even if they're not that attracted, they do it just because its something to do or go along with, or something to help them feel cared about (an approach which never actually works).

    For me, sex has always been with individuals I've known for some time and who I care about. I can't see how people just jump into bed with just any stranger who happens to offer.


  • greendawn

    Human beings need stability to be happy, however in the modern world many find it very difficult to settle down with one person, it looks like a horrible idea. The price to be paid for such freedom is high: a lack of basic focus in life. And of course since most women will have childern at some time these children also need a stable environment and a father.

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