Is a sexually promiscuous life style linked to depression or insecurity?

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  • truthseeker

    Just another "drug" to me. How can any woman or man have self respect after having slept around so much? What about the emtional/relationship factor?

  • hambeak

    I totally agree with Devilsnok, promiscuity usually is from low self esteem and really not caring about the consequences it causes for the person they are slutting around with ie: broken relationships and marriages, not to mention if kids are involved.

  • jaredg

    I don't know...I'm just starting in on my sexually promiscuous lifestyle so I'll report back. Just a little background though, my finance and girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me about three weeks ago. Yes that is depressing, but I'm doing well. I just see this as an opportunity to get some of that tail that I couldn't have when I was in a monogamous relationship. Sort of a wild [edit] spree if you would.

  • ballistic

    Jared, ironically your 666th post.

    All I can say is "you reap what you sow" is a very true motto, and you see it all the time in people's relationships and breakdown thereof.

  • ithinkisee

    I worked in a similar environment for 5 years and saw the same thing. It's weird how a whole sub-culture thrives in these places.

    I saw people cheat on their spouses many times. The amount of times I was approached by single and married women was insane. (I don't mean that as a compliment to myself either ...) There were definitely people that slept their way up the corporate ladder - and in some ways I actually didn't blame them.

    I saw this happen over and over again. A guy and girl (who had wives/husbands) would take the afternoon off and go get a hotel room. A VP of marketing who was in his early-40's and tired of his marriage hired only super hot ex-models and college interns as his staff.

    I think most people in Dilbert-styled jobs in large office complexes often treat it like high school with pay. I saw many of them were emotionally immature, sad, and desperate.

    But I must say not ALL were that way, and in fact the people I was close with were (mostly) pretty stable and happy.

    My direct supervisor was only about 4 years older than me and was married for 10 years and worked with his wife at the same company. His example had a large part to do with my looking at my own marriage and questioning the whole JW-method of marriage because he would always say to his wife how much he loved her and she did the same. They ate lunch together almost every day. I thought to myself "Me and my wife don't do that ... and we're JWs and supposed to be the only ones that have strong marriages."

    Cognitive dissonance at work.


  • lowden

    It all boils down to our own personal choice and what we see as 'morally right' or 'normal behaviour'.

    I don't know whether promiscuity can be linked to depression but i would probably link it to insecurity.

    Personally i don't really get why people bounce from one partner to the next like they're shopping for a car. I think that type of behaviour can be damaging to both parties and IMO it's not normal to act like this.

    As i see it, sex with no connection or any kind of feelings (and here i'm refering to doing as many partners as possible) renders us base and animalistic. We are higher, much higher than animals. Therein lies the rub!



  • jaredg

    for the record i will be having sex with single women only, and using protection! no broke relationships here.

  • Forscher

    I think you make a pretty good observation.

    I also know that I wouldn't dare to try to prove your observation concerning those whom most Scholars would consider sexually uninhibited in a doctoral thesis.


  • lowden
    for the record i will be having sex with single women only

    Now there's a sensible lad!!

    A friend of mine is currently messing about with women that are in relationships.

    I keep warning him but to no avail.

    If he carries on like he is doing, he's gonna get the shit kicked out of him one day.

    When i was younger and stupider, i had a fling with a butchers wife.....happily i still have my balls. Foolish me!!



  • LongHairGal

    I believe they are linked. I agree with many of the posts here. I am grateful that I gave that up along with smoking. With my luck who knows what could have happened to me.

    It seems too many married men are cheating or want to. I know because I know two of them. I don't brag about my celibate state but what I am encountering are people (both men and women) who are anxious for me to start screwing around (yeah, so I could be running to doctors like I did back then). I have no desire to - and am more afraid now than I was then. I am not the same person I was years ago and the world is not the same place. I am content the way I am unless I meet somebody special.


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