Well, well, the elder FINALLY called and want to meet again!!!

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  • Forscher
    he latest slander and gossip is... we are printing and distruibuting literature. That we have created a website called, "The TRUE Jehovah's Witnesses, oh...and it gets even better....we have started our own religion!!!! Can you believe it?? I am so hurt and disgusted that those that I thought were my friends and who are my family are treating us in such a unloving horrible way! People get off on all the gossip! I have heard these rumors from two states away in two different directions! And to think I would have given my life for these ones who are doing this!

    Well, lady liberty. I think I said it once before when you gave us the first part of the story, but you are in good company. I remember when Raymond Franz was Df'd. That was exactly what they said about him! It would appear that since it worked so well back then in 1981, it has now become the favorite play in the playbook to use. It's too bad it would be a waste of good money to try and sue them for slander since every Witness you could supeona on the issue would lie through their teeth! You could really have some fun getting back at them if you could.

    Maybe you might want to write Raymond Franz yourself, I understand he usually has time for folks going through the same sick garbage he did. Just go to Commentary press's site. I understand he can be reached through there.

    Commentary Press


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Lady Liberty - Sooooo sorry to hear of the recent pain and anxiety that 'fading' has put you and yours thru.

    It is not fair that one who has committed no crime greater than 'thinking for oneself' is considered such a danger to the 'flock of God'.

    Usually by the time the matter has gotten to this point, there is little one can do to remain associated without Da'ing or Df'ing. Perhaps you can find a way -if that is your desire. Some have threatened to sue for slander, and that has kept the elder's at bay for a time.

    I don't know an answer. I wish you well though as you deal with the ruthless agents of a billion dollar book publisher that pretends to be a religion.

    Peace and Hope to you


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    A big "thank you" to ALL of you for posting and sharing your thoughts and words of encouragement for me and my family. I will keep you all posted as to how it goes.


    Lady Liberty

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