Rutherford's Biblical Library - What is Missing?

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  • VM44

    This color plate is from Rutherford's Children book and is titled "Biblical Library"

    What is missing from this "Biblical Library"? --VM44

  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't see a bible in there?

  • Gary1914

    The Bible?

  • juni

    A rainbow-colored shelf of books - very appealing to kids, but as Linda said, "no Bible".


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Then again, why would they need a bible anyway?

    The watchtower is far more important than the bible to jws.

  • VM44

    In the back of Vindication I (1931), a book in Rutherord's Rainbow Biblical Library, are advertisements for other writings of Rutherford.

    One of the ads makes the claim that Judge Rutherford was "the world's foremost Bible scholar!

    I wonder who approved THAT statement for publication?


  • juni

    Probably himself VM44! He was NEVER a judge either so it's not beyond him to lie - the b******.

    Again a publishing company run by a bunch of self-righteous nobodys.

    Juni (who is getting mighty pissy about these idiots)

  • Stephanus
    He was NEVER a judge either so it's not beyond him to lie - the b******.

    As I understand it, he served about two weeks on the bench as a "temp" of some sort; that apparently gave him the right to claim the title. Technically correct, but hardly convincing.

    Lawyers rarely make good theologians. Charles Finney's Systematic Theology, for example, is neither systematic nor theology.

  • cabasilas

    The book "Life."

    I think the picture you've shown is from Children (1941) and by this time the ideas in Life about the restoration of the Jews to Palestine was very old light.

  • Atlantis

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