A novel way to get what you want....

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  • fullofdoubtnow

    I spotted this on yahoo news earlier, and thought I'd share it.

    Colombia gang wives call sex strike against crime

    Wednesday September 13, 05:55 AM

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    BOGOTA, Colombia (Reuters) - They are calling it the "crossed legs" strike.

    Fretting over crime and violence, girlfriends and wives of gang members in the Colombian city of Pereira have called a ban on sex to persuade their menfolk to give up the gun.

    After meeting with the mayor's office to discuss a disarmament program, a group of women decided to deny their partners their conjugal rights and recorded a song for local radio to urge others to follow their example.

    "We met


    "The message they are giving them is disarm or if not then they will decide how, when, where and at what time," he told Reuters by telephone.

    Gomez said the city, in Colombia's coffee-growing region, reported 480 killings last year.

    Crime and violence have dropped in Colombia since 2002 when President Alvaro Uribe was first elected promising to crackdown on left-wing rebels fighting a four-decade insurgency and the illegal militia groups who formed to counter them.

    But cocaine-trafficking gangs and armed groups still roam parts of Colombia and murder and kidnappings remain a problem despite the fall in crime statistics

    I have a feeling some of those guys will be handing in their weapons soon!

  • stealyourface

    Aristophanes may have been on to something...I wonder if the Lysistrata strategy could be usefull in other spheres, like the kingdom hall?

  • stealyourface

    And I bet Gumby would love the Beardsley illustrations, in a professional sort of way!

  • juni

    This just might work!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Yes Juni, it just might, I just hope that posting it doesn't give anyone on here ideas...

    I love what they are calling it - "the crossed legs strike"

  • funkyderek

    Women witholding sex to get what they want? What's novel about that?

  • Dansk
    Women witholding sex to get what they want? What's novel about that?


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