Canada bound....

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  • BritBoy

    Wooo Hooo! The good Doctor (my better half) has given me my (unprecedented) SIXTH "passport to go play" of the year! So far I have been issued one for France, Ireland, Canada, the States & The Dominican Republic... now another trip to Canada. A "passport to go play" is permission for me to go play with my best friend Michelle (she is my Grace to my Will) in Kingston, Ontario. Tonight I booked my flights to Toronto, connecting to Kingston! He has agreed to stay home, pay the mortgage and walk the dogs while I go have some fun.... ladies, have I got him trained well or what?!!!

    Oh my GOD. I am so excited. We're going to visit Vermont and Quebec City this time.

    Isn't the pink pound FABULOUS?!!!!

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Wow, that's awesome! If you're planning to come to Toronto, send me a pm and we can hook up. Have fun!

    tall penguin

  • fullofdoubtnow

    That's great Britboy, I'm really pleased for you, when are you going? Don't forget to upload the pics when you get back.

  • BritBoy
    Wow, that's awesome! If you're planning to come to Toronto, send me a pm and we can hook up. Have fun!

    tall penguin

    tall penguin,

    I shall be in Toronto for a couple hours each way awaiting my connecting flight... do you live far from Pearson?

    Brit Boy

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    I'm about half an hour out. When will you be arriving/departing? Send me a pm.

  • BritBoy


    Flights booked!!! This is the plan:

    November 9th I arrive at Pearson Int. at 12.15pm. Leave for Kingston at 16.00. So I have almost 4 hrs to kill. So far tall penguin is planning to meet me at the airport (hope the change of date does not cause any problems) for a mini apostafest at Tim Hortons. I think we shall call this one the Apostabits! ANYONE fancying meeting for a coffee.... Jeeeeeesus at the Horton, whole lotta gawkin...... let me know!

    Brit x

  • damselfly

    I'm a few days drive too many away to pop by for a coffee and a chat but I'm sure some others can swing by for a cup.

    Is this your first trip to Canada?


  • kwintestal

    Kingston is only a 3 hour drive from Pearson (at the most), why are you waiting 4 hours for a connecting flight?

    BTW, if you decide to go to Niagara Falls, I can hear them roar from my house I'm so close to them so let me know.


  • BritBoy

    Dams, no this is like my 10th trip to Canada... I ADORE your country!

    Kwin, the reason why is this... by the time I have cleared customs and immigration and picked up my luggage, that's an hour (at least) gone. Then I need to get from one terminal to another. etc etc. So in all honesty, to get my friends to drive 3 hrs to TO to collect me, then 3 hrs back sitting in peak travel, I can laze at the airport for a couple hours with some 'postates eating Tim Bits.. then hop on another plane and 45 minutes later touch down in Kingston, meet my friends, be at their house 15 minutes later and have a LARGE Mt Gay & Diet Coke with fresh Lime.... sounds good to me! I doubt I shall get to Niagara this time... was there in June this year!

  • morty

    I can't join ya, but have fun!!

    Just got back from the Toronto airport last week. They kill the pocket book in that place while, you wait!!

    You will be just in time to see our leaves turn all those beautiful colors of reds, oranges, yellows!!

    Bring your camera, you will get some great shots!!

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