Montreal Dawson College shooting

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Montreal General is the trauma centre isn't it? The Royal Vic isn't that far but Jean Talon???

    Every time I get more info the number of victims has gone up. Now they are saying 20 victims.

    With the shooter dead they may never know why

    Family members must have been horrified if they saw their child loaded into one of the many ambulances

  • Jringe01

    I first heard about the shooting when I got to work at 4. I saw the news helicoptors circling overhead on my way and in the old days I would have taken Atwater and Ste Catherines to get to work but now I go St Antoine-Guy so I had no idea till i was told.

    We had quite a few staff cancel tonight because of it, I work at a research call center. Some because they were at school and others because they had friends/classmates that were. I have a good friend who goes to Dawson. He was running late and got there as people were fleeing in panic. He's quite freaked out.

  • Jringe01

    There is already a Wikipedia article on the shooting. It's on the main page right now

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