Montreal Dawson College shooting

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I went to Dawson in downtown Montreal. OMG

    Possibly 3 or 4 shooters. Some students shot and 6 in critical condition.

    The buildings are being evacuated with students running out of the building.

    They believe 1 gunman has been "neutralized"

    The scary thing is that the college adjoins 2 huge malls (that a part of a labyrinth of a downtown underground city) and the subway/metro system. If they get in there it will be next to impossible to track they down. And if they do get in there thry could shoot more people

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I just heard it on the news. They think one of the gunmen shot himself.

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  • acsot

    the latest as of 2:40 p.m. local time:

    My boss' wife works there as a teacher. She saw the gunman, he was firing shots into the air then she (obviously) turned and ran. The metro line is closed, and the whole area is cordoned off, up to the Atwater Club, up the hill past Sherbrooke street. Alexis Nihon Plaza has been evacuated from what my cousin's son told us. He attends Dawson but was in another part of the building when they were told to leave, so he didn't know what was really happening, just turned and ran like a bat out of hell. He's home now and they're watching the news.

    It's just horrible.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was typing while the report was being aired.

    I think right now the media is just getting bits and pieces.


    The report was asking anyone who saw something to contact the police to help them give a better picture of what they are dealing with.

    They would probably want to know where they were in the building and a description of the gunmen

    I'm also glad your cousin's son is safe at home.

    The building itself is a huge maze of floors and buildings. Just searching the building is going to be a major task

  • acsot

    right now they're saying three gunmen: one committed suicide, one was shot by police, the other is at large.

    a live video from about an hour ago here:

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    recent news report

    11 people were shot, 6 are in ctritical condition

    All victims have been taken to the Montreal General which is 4 or 5 blocks from the college.

    and it seems there was only one shooter

    Witness accounts: 'He almost hit me by an inch'

    13/09/2006 4:27:40 PM

    Students and witnesses recount a chaotic scene, inside and outside Dawson College in Montreal, when gunfire erupted. "He almost hit me by an inch," one witness says.

    Ali Hussein

    He was pointing the gun at the top of the stairs because he saw people running up the stairs and then he shot right at us and we all jumped and ran the other way.

    He almost hit me by an inch. He hit the wall and a piece of the wall chipped and fell on the floor.

    I thought it was a fake gun at first, I thought the gun was joking around and then I saw a lady lying on the floor and she was bleeding all over ... and then I knew it was for real. That's when I got my stuff and started running the other way.

    Students and witnesses recount a chaotic scene, inside and outside Dawson College in Montreal, when gunfire erupted. Their accounts for CTV News come shortly after several people were taken away in ambulances, and before any official word has come down about what happened:

    Zina Irwin - Eyewitness

    I live on 3025 Sherbrooke Street West, directly across from Dawson College.

    I came home for lunch (I'm a student at Concordia)... and heard lots of people screaming around 1 pm. I looked out my window and dozens of students and staff members were exiting the building. Many were in tears, many running for safety.

    For the last couple of hours there have been armed policemen crouched among the parked vehicles along Sherbrooke. I saw a couple hiding behind the trees in Dawson's yard.

    One man exited the building after most people and police ... asked the man to put his hands on his back, to empty his pockets, lift up his shirt, remove his jacket.

    Eventually they spoke with him for a while before releasing him with the others.

    I am very, very scared. I am confined to my apartment and my apartment building. For over an hour, it sounded like policemen were on the roof.

    Robert Soroka -- teacher Dawson College

    At a quarter to one I was in my office, preparing for class and I heard shots. I looked out the window and saw a police officer with his firearm drawn.

    I proceeded to go down the hallway with a couple of other teachers and basically what we did was try to keep students in the classrooms.

    As time progressed we heard more shots ringing out and it was always multiple shots, it was never just one or two, it was several shots. And we just told everybody stay in the room.

    From my office I saw the police officers working on an injured person and basically a lot of running around.

    The shots seemed to be from the second floor atrium area. From what I've heard from eyewitnesses, from the students that where it happened.

    We saw somebody shot in the neck. We saw a couple of people being taken away but we don't really know anything.

    For many of the students and the teachers we were just in emergency mode and we were just really working on adrenaline. We were just working to make sure everybody was safe.

    Adam Perez -- student

    I was on the seventh floor. The entire staff was stuck up there. No one came to really warn us. Our first warning of the incident (came from) phone calls and text messages.

    We were stuck in there about an hour, an hour and a half.

    The whole thing's pretty scary. It's all so surreal, everything that has happened so quickly. I've never had this many phone calls in my life.

    Seeing blood on the floor, seeing bullets in the walls and shattered glass leaving the school, realizing the reality of the situation, it's really, really frightening.

    Send your images, with descriptive captions, to [email protected] Please include your name and phone number.

    An unidentified first-year student

    We were sitting in class and we were listening to the teacher, who said guns were going off. There were people that got shot that were running away, and then my teacher left and came back and said the gunmen were inside and that we had to leave. We ran outside.

    One person was shot in the leg and was running across the street, one person was helping him run across the street. Somebody was shot in the stomach and they were sitting on the sidewalk. Some girl was shot and she was lying down, and she moved her head up to look, and she laid back down again, and looked up again, and laid back down again.

    We didn't believe it. Everyone was on their cell phone calling, saying 'someone got shot, someone got shot,' and everyone was just trying to run away.

    Honestly, I'm terrified. I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do. It was unexpected. It's something that you don't think will happen, but when it does, you have no idea how to react.

    Tarek Azen - eyewitness

    I live across the street and .. I was standing there when people started coming out. People were screaming, crying, hands in the air. Pretty much chaos.

    There were maybe four or five people that were carried out on stretchers, ambulances, carried away. There are people here that are worried, crying about people that might still be in the university.

    Mark Kojima - Student

    I was near the cafeteria ... and I heard a few shots go off and then I saw a huge stampede of people coming my way and basically I got pushed out of the school with that entire stampede.

    After that we were on Westmount Square and another stampede started. Because from what I heard the shooter went up in the square and then came out where we were all standing so another stampede happened.

    I had a few friends that were in the cafeteria and had to stay there for about 20 minutes because the cops wouldn't let them leave.

    I talked to some friends that have been on cellphones with kids that are actually still in the school that are under desks.

    Michel Boyer - Student

    I saw the gunman who was dressed in black and at that time he was shooting at people. I immediately hit the floor. It was probably one of the most frightening moments of my life.

    He was shooting randomly, I didn't know what he was shooting at, but everyone was screaming get out of the building.

    I'm 19-years-old and to have everybody that you love flash before you in that single moment thinking that you're going to get shot creates a ripple effect and you feel it in your heart and your ears are just ringing.

    Words cannot describe the emotion that you are going through.

    Everybody was in tears. Everybody was so worried for their own safety for their own lives.

  • morty

    I have been watching it "live" as well Lady for the last hour or two....Loads of people runnning wild on the street...

    I believe, they say, they have the shooter or shooters now?

    I am sure the story will change again before tonight....

    Parents will be just freaking about their children and wondering what is going on....

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Global news is saying 13 victims and all are expected to survive. The lone gunman has been shot and killed

    The hospital they were taken to is maybe 4 blocks up the hill from the school.

    Emotional trauma victims have been taken a couple of blocks east to Concordia Univerity for support counseling. Concordia is where Fabricant, a disgruntled professor, shot and killed several people in the university a few years ago (he is serving a life sentence). After that the University had a well defined procedure for dealing with this kind of thing. It's great they have opened their doors to offer counseling and support for those who need it.

  • acsot

    I guess you've heard by now that it was one gunman, 25 years old. A 20-year old girl died of her wounds; three hospitals had received the wounded: the General, the Royal Victoria and Jean Talon.

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