Has the rules changed?

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  • daystar
    They don't mean to be hypocrites, they can't help it.

    Well, now, who does mean to be... really? Does that excuse them? I think not.

    As already mentioned, they will hope to keep their member instead of losing her. They also hope to convert the "worldly" husband.

    Ok... and then why don't they attend to their flock better with other issues then, to keep them rather than losing them? They don't. They're heavy-handed. Why so easy on this one issue?

    daystar (of the "I don't mean to be an asshat, I can't help it" class)

  • Carmel

    If her contributions to the society increase, all will be tolerated.


  • Warlock

    Give them time.


  • juni

    Daystar said:

    I was just thinking... this stance makes the WBTS even more hypocritical. They will kick someone out who simply makes a mistake, such as smoking a cigarette, to "keep the congregation clean", but will do nothing directly about allowing a "worldy" person to become attached to one of their flock.

    I agree with you.

    I feel they view this guy as a prospective bible study thereby hopefully gaining a new member. Boy this has sure changed from years ago!!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Hey Daystar, I did not mean to go easy on the Borg, I was (in my mind) sarcastic with the "they can't help it." Upon review, it doesn't read well. Let me try again. They don't MEAN to be hypocrites. They can't help themselves out of such a situation, though, because they have such rigid rules beyond the Bible that even they cannot uphold, yet they see themselves as policemen for the society, and don't want to shirk their duty to bring all the rule-breakers to justice, but at the same time, they are human beings who would like to just let the lady find a decent husband.

    I am not flaming you, Daystar, instead I recognize the shortcoming in my comment. I truly thought all of the above when I typed a short comment.

  • sspo

    concerning her mother being removed ,it all depends on the BOE, if she comes up with a good excuse for attending the wedding and she is well liked in the congr............nothing will happen.

    What about attending a wedding where one is inactive witness, someone that knows the"truth" and doesn't do anything about it? Which one is worst?

    The pharisees used to worry and make rules about silly things.

  • girasole

    I left the witnesses in 2002. In 2003 I got married and both of my parents attended the wedding. They even said that some of the "friends" had asked if they could do anything or get me anything - but they didn't know how I would feel about that. I was shocked. And then realized that they were just doing that so it would appear that I was always the one who was turning them away and not vice versa. They were the kind and welcoming ones and I was the one who was shutting them out. brilliant.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    This sort of thing seems to fall into the catagory of 'local application' has been my experience.

    Certain things do seem clear -

    • Witnesses do not approve of marriage outside the faith - and that has not changed for as long as I know.
    • There are sometimes 'discipline' that are not spelled out in scripture or even by the literature applied.
    • Many things get 'overlooked' depending on the local elder's zeal in certain matters

    I knew of a sister who was disfellowshipped for marrying a disfellowshipped man. I asked an elder how that could be since there was no scripture that indicated that was wrong, an both of them were 'scripturally free' according to WT theology. His reply was ' she was guilty of throwing in her lot with one who was disaproved by Jehovah'.

    Bottom line - if they don't have a rule, they sometimes make one up.


  • OnTheWayOut
    I knew of a sister who was disfellowshipped for marrying a disfellowshipped man.

    They say the scriptures tell you to not even have a meal with such a person. They figured she did more than that, so they applied that- Same as Ray Franz. What you say is true, "Many things get 'overlooked' depending on the local elder's zeal in certain matters." I see so many sisters who really want a husband (like that's going to solve their problems) but want to stay faithful to Jehovahthe Organization.

  • Forscher


    My first question would be, "is the groom loaded moneywise?" And if he is, "what are the chances they might be able to convert him?"


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