Sometimes Being Pregnant Sucks! (The looking for sympathy thread)

by mama1119 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • juni

    Hi Mama.

    I had 4 babies so I can relate to how you feel. Do you have 5 children now? It is the hardest job you'll ever have. Raising kids is a long journey......good times and bad. But rewarding.

    I'm so happy I have my kids. They are adults now. Oldest is 38. Then 35,31,29. And I have 6 grandkids.

    From reading some of your posts today it sounds like you still have your humor!!!! That's great.

    In fact, I have to go now and get ready to watch my one granddaughter.

    So you too have big babies. My largest was over 9# and my last was a little over 7#. He popped out within an hour from start of contractions to birth. All of my births were quick and not too painful. Last baby was colicky and didn't cut his first tooth til he was over 1 yrs. old. Needless to say, he was our last one. A colicky baby is an awful experience. Afraid to have any more after him!

    Take care sweetie.



  • morty

    A colicky baby is an awful experience

    I hear ya sista!! both of mine were ...dont know why, i ever went and had another one! (j/k)

    both of my kids were over 9 months old before they slept through thier first night of full sleep.6 hours they slept and I was a happy mama both times it happend!

  • mama1119

    I think part of it is that it has been sooo blasted hot this summer..It has made me miserable, I can;t wait for the fall weather to kick in.

    No, I am not near Emmet...I am clear up in Coeur D Alene.

  • greendawn

    As Arthur says women are to be admired for the troubles they have to go through, to bring new humans into the world. Fortunately not all pregnancies are that bad.

  • Mulan
    Why do you have large babes? Have you been checked out for gestational diabetes? If you have, ask for another test!

    I had 3 VERY large babies too. The 4th was 6 weeks early and weighed 6 pounds. The other three were 10 lbs. 4 oz, 9 lbs. 9 oz., and 9 lbs. 5 oz. It's hereditary. My grandmother had 12, 11 and 10 pounders. My daughter also had large babies.

    No gestational diabetes for any of us.

    As for the insomnia, try taking extra calcium at bedtime. Not milk. Most pregnant women have insomnia, and I'm convinced it's to get us ready for being up all night with a newborn.

    Drinking lots of water will help with the leg and feet swelling.

  • mama1119

    Thank you..I think someone told me about calcium, but I forgot. I will try it!!! I will try anything!

  • morty
    As for the insomnia, try taking extra calcium at bedtime. Not milk.

    I did not know that Mulan. why not the milk? What is the difference? I always had warm milk when I was pregnant.

    BTW: congrats on your 10000 posts!

  • lonelysheep

    It can certainly be terribly uncomfortable from 32 weeks on. The older my kids get, the less I miss being pregnant.

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