How many here were Df'd under legal age?

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  • restrangled
  • restrangled

    Sorry, posted the subject before I could explain!

    I am just curious about how many people on this board were Disfellowshiped under the legal age limit.

    If you can't join the army, can't vote, can't be held accountable to any contract in a court of law under the age of 18, how was it anyone was disfellowshiped by the society under age?

    I know my son was caught in a car with open booze and it was dropped because he was under 18 and would not be on his record.

    But the JW's feel that once you are babtized in your youth, thats it. You can be hung at any time.

    Myself, babtized at age 14 and disfellowshiped at age 16, decision reversed the same year. Of course this branded me for life.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I wasn't df'ed while underage, but I was recruited and converted while under age without my parents approval . I often wonder if this could have any legal implications.

  • collegegirl21

    That is a good point. I wonder that too... the only thing in the US you can do underage is drive at 16m but you do raise an excellent point!

  • collegegirl21

    That is a good point. I wonder that too... the only thing in the US you can do underage is drive at 16m but you do raise an excellent point!

  • greendawn

    That's why it's foolish for anyone to get baptised under the age of 21, they simply can't undrestand the commitment they are getting into and the consequences of failure. They have no maturity, no experience in life, no resources to draw on.

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    This is a very good question. Df'g a minor and the shunning that follows is cruel and unusual punishment. Like depraved indifference - that kid that has left home with nowhere to go and no incentive to assimilate into normal society because of this sort of emotional blackmail and abuse at the hands of parents and spiritual advisors LOL deserves a better chance at a normal life. then all THEY (abusers) can say is "told you so" makes me crazy - this needs to be out in the open for public scrutiny. Like the polygamists who kick out the "lost boys" and other "escapees" I'm glad this is in the news cause I can spout off about this all I want - hinting of course that the same things are going on in our own family. grrrr I absolutely hate to hear things like "they choose to live that way" No child is born with such goals.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    There was a young girl who was df'd in my kh at 16 for smoking. She had only been baptised just over a year,and admitted that she started smoking before she was baptised, but got dipped anyway to please her parents, then realised that she'd made a mistake, and smoked openly so the elders would see her.

    She was obviously under the age of majority (18 in the UK), but she didn't really want to be a jw anyway. She's 26 now, and has never gone back.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I know a young ex-JW boy who was baptized at age 14 then df'd about a year and a half later, this is really sad, thankfully he had his mom to comfort him.


  • loli

    I was baptized at 13, df'd at 16. Came back, faded out. Don't wish to be redundant, but to keep her memory alive, my sister's story in a nutshell is: She was baptized young (13 or 14), and then at 16 she went to a party where she consumed some alcohol, and was raped. She was df'd because she did not scream. Yeah, some love and medical/psychological treatment should have been given. She couldn't handle being shunned from the family and ended her life shen she was 21. Great, aren't they?

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