I fell in love with a JW.....

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  • restrangled

    I feel so bad for you!

    It is sad to say but you have been given an open door and I would use it and run like Hell. You do not say how old you are. If she has been a pioneer all this time and a JW she knew better. You will continue to take the fall for the lapse in her non-JW behavior, and even if you were able to marry, you may pay the price for this courtship for the rest of your life.

    You also made the statement about being her head. Yikes, that is a scary.

    I would suggest moving on. It is the best thing for you. Decisions to become invovled with a very controlling religion for someone you love rarely works out. Especially when you have been given the "heads up" before hand...(she dumped you because the religion said so.) Do not carry on and get to the point where children are involved and you have a change of heart about the religion.

    I know this must be difficult to hear, but until she volunteers to leave, you will never be able to measure up to this religion in her mind. It will be one sick road for the rest of your life.

    Move on.


  • Hellrider

    Welcome, Hampstead. In the matter of baptising, you are about to make a decision that will have a life-long impact for yourself, and it may be crucial and deciding for future generations (if you have children). Please, please, please research this religion thoroughly before you go and get baptised. Remember, the real truth can come from unexpected places. And if someone tells you that there are certain things you shouldn`t be checking out/studying/reading, that is a sign that someone wants to hide something from you. Never fall for that. Welcome.

  • Honesty
    She thought she might have become df over this, but instead she promised the elders that she will stay away. She is so scared of THEM, but not Jehovah all this time???

    Rather telling statement, isn't it?

    The JW's fear their elders more than they ever will fear God.

    Too many of them fail to realise that fear of God means to bring honor to Him and Him alone.

    Your GF is in a very destructive, manipulative and deceitful cult.

    Your best hope is that you will not be mislead into being baptised into it.

  • moshe

    If you marry a JW girl you will have also have to allow the Elders to be in charge of your home and marriage bed. I certainly wouldn't think this is something you could tolerate for long.

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