What Excuses Did You Make To Get Out Of "Theocratic Activities"?

by minimus 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • blondie

    Tell people you have AIDS or HIV; nobody will want you to come then.

  • mama1119

    I used my retail schedule alot and saif I was attendijng the other congeragations meetings when necessary, but never did. Also, sickness, PMS etc. I always found a way out of giving talks, or I would try to see if I could switch householders to my Mom..we ended up giving alot of talks together. We really weren't big fans of other people in general.

  • minimus

    Mama, unfortunately, men couldn't use the PMS thing. I wonder what our excuse could've been.

  • willyloman

    What does it say about the organization when so many of its member dread the meetings, which are billed as uplifting and vital in terms of keeping one spiritually strong?

  • BizzyBee
    Mama, unfortunately, men couldn't use the PMS thing. I wonder what our excuse could've been.

    My circumcision is still healing?


    I pretend that I have to work late then stay and watch some videos that i downloaded on iTunes. I time my bus schedule perfectly from work so that I make it home at 7:45 so that I miss the Mrs as she angrily trots out kids in tow. I cant do that one that often though. I also fake allergies but only really effective in spring and fall.

  • Tristram

    I've used the kids occasionally, some random illness, ailment whatever. There are times of year that I am absolutely crazy work wise and let them know. If I get any resistance I kindly ask that if they will pay my mortgage and bills then I will be at every meeting.

    Also I've noticed that things are generally cool if at least one family member is representing.

    I know its been stated many times elsewhere, but for some reason the friends with money, who always have some event, vacation, etc. always get a free pass when it comes to missing meetings. The working stiffs like us are under the microscope and chastised for missing occassionally.

  • minimus

    If an elder heard "my wife isn't here because she's got her period", that would be the end of it. Men aren't so lucky.

  • monkeyshine

    If you say you have diarrhea than nobody wants to touch it. (pun intended) You don't have to act sick. You don't have to prove it. (other than the occasional bathroom trip to keep up appearances) And if you do get "forced" into going, just sit in the bathroom at the hall for most of the meeting. That way they'll see why there is no sense in showing up.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Up until the last year or so, I only missed meetings if I was genuinely ill, but once I started questioning things, any excuse would do to miss a meeting.

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