Please help with Child-Custody Issues

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    You have a pm

  • AudeSapere

    I had a thought while reading Forscher's comment:

    You need to tell her that if she is going to teach what the bible says, then ahe needs to get her nose out of the Watchtower and try reading that Bible.

    How about you do what the others have suggested and tell the mother that you won't tolerate her bad-mouthing you. Somehow get it all documented in court documents.

    Then, whenever your daughter visits you, spend 10 minutes a day reading straight from the gospels. Not from the Great Teacher Book or My Book of Bible stories. Rather straight from the bible. I'm sure that you daughter in very short time will find her own words to counter her mother's malicious slander. She will realize that mommy and the people at the kingdom hall read the Watchtower. But her daddy actually reads the Bible.

    Myself, I would have a difficult time with the Bible reading because I'm pretty tired of all things religion right now. But even I see that reading the gospels can only have a beneficial effect on the reader and listener. You can take an extra 5 minutes to discuss what you've read and how it fits into each of your lives.

    I think there are some threads here of men who have used a similar approach to start getting their JW spouse and kids to start thinking for themselves (in preparation for him to help them leave the confines of the org.) If I find any of those threads, I'll post here for you.


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    bttt (for LowTech)

    I hope this helps...


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    Lady Lee


    thanks just stepping in and offering your wisdom on this matter

  • LowTech

    I very much appreciate all the kind wisdom in this reguard. It does sound like it going to be a long, tough fight. As much as I hate to admit it, you are all correct in the fact that there will be no reasoning with my ex. Its so easy for us to see their error now that we are on the outside, but when you are on the inside you have a completely closed mind. It is a sad thing really. I wish I could help my family to see the errors of the organization but that would only push them farther away. I'm still really struggling with the fact that my family is gone, but more so the fact that someday no matter how hard I try to open hr eyes, I may loose my daughter also. Thats the part that has kept me up at night this last week. I know with all my heart that I have made the right decision and will continue to try and help my daughter keep an open mind. Thank you all again.


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