Aftermath of DA letter-what to expect?

by exwitless 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Honesty

    I didn't write a letter. No need giving them the satisfaction. I just called the PO up and told him to call another elder and put him on conference.

    Then I told both of them that the Watchtower Society's Governing Body were all apostates and "I Quit".

  • Ade

    Expect nothing my friend ,
    which is what you have always received from them and always will, except now you dont have to stress yourself not feeling good enough because you havent done enough hours etc.expect to start seeing your bible for what it truly says, that we sad humans could never please God when we were trying to please hime through underlining our watchtowers, knocking peoples doors and annoying them, and listening to others mens opinion of what the bible means rather than using the free will God lovingly gave you.

    I suppose at times if you see friends you had in the truth you will miss them, however this tends to pass after they have treated you as though you are dead for a few months.

    If you dont get a reply go and ask them if they received your letter, thats why i went in and handed it personally to two elders, who then tried to "correct my thinking" after seeing they were engaged in an unwinnable game they said goodbye. None have spoken since.

    Has God left me ??

    I read my bible more than i ever did when i went to their "holy gatherings", i am calmer than ever as regards getting irate etc. And i now see the true identity of Jesus and his role in saving us.

    God bless you and yours i truly hope it goes well for you .

  • unique1

    I never heard a damn thing from the elders.

  • Finally-Free

    I told them I wanted them out of my life, and any harassment or trespassing would have legal consequences. That was over 3 years ago.They stay away from me and I stay away from them. I'm happy with that, and I'm sure they are too.


  • exwitless

    It's kinda sad-there are only 3 people who I can really say I'll miss. Two are a husband (and P.O.) and wife. They are genuinely kind and caring people, and I believe they would be regardless of whether they are JWs or not. The other is a woman in her 60s who is also a genuinely kind and appreciative person. In fact, she was the only person we wrote a separate letter to (along with a copy of our DA letter to the elders). We told her we would miss her and we are not choosing to end our friendship with her, but we will respect her decision to avoid us in keeping with what "good" JWs are expected to do.

    When we began missing a lot of meetings years ago, we realized that our "friendships" were based solely upon how active we were in the congregation. When we were first baptized, we were invited to EVERY get-together and we really felt we had found a nice group of friends. When we began to miss meetings and service, the invitations came to an abrupt end. Since we ended our "worldly" friendships before baptism and were not considered "good associations" with JWs because of missing meetings, we realized we really had NO friends at all! How sad. However, we have good supportive families (none are JWs) and I have friends at work. It is really going to take some time to rebuild our social network. This forum has been helpful. Who better to talk to than those who have "been there"?

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