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  • heathen

    My point was more that if they did ask for everything they would actually resemble the first christian church as written about in acts of apostles , for some reason this cult makes it all dubbys responsibility to fund the WTBTS printing corporation above all things . Then you have to live off whats left over or put more time in at work ,where now you will get in trouble for missing meetings anyway . It's amazing that the congregations also have to fund the CO's and DO's visits , why doesn't the book publishing corporation do this ? I suppose it's just another guilt trip for the R&F even tho there is no new testament scripture that says you have to do it . I notice the televangelists like to use the guilt trip as well , like somehow you are cursed until you give them your money and receive a blessing . Unbelievable....... It's like they didn't even want to be called clergy until there was a tax break in it and the WTBTS does not even translate the scripture of, the worker is worthy of his wages, to mean getting payment of any kind other than earning respect.

  • greendawn

    They are making enough money from their members and always did, many donated to the WTS large sums of money or real estate. And then all the dubs have to give a minimum of 8 hours per month to sell their publications something that also brings in a lot of income. Then of course the dubs have to pay for their KHs' mortgage loans and running expenses though the title deeds belong to the WTS.

  • blondie

    Since 1990 in the US and since 2000 when all the congregations worldwide went to the donation arrangement, the WTS has been losing money on the distribution of its publications. With the members no longer paying upfront in the congegation for the publications and few asking for money from the people at the doors, the cash cow has gone dry in this area. That is why the books are now paperback and only one issue of the Awake is printed monthly, and subscriptions ended.

    The last I knew, congregations only paid about 3% interest...just to cover what the WTS loses on interest if the money were in their bank account; my hubbie said that towards the end the WTS was not charging interest due to the fallout of the 1990 court decision on non-profit corporations making profits on this such as publications.

    I can see that the WTS is making money on donations at the assembly/convention levels and by special requests for money from congregations for CO/DO expenses and disaster relief. With the baby boomer generation paying for the healthcare of parents and trying to save up for their own unexpected old age, I can see less and less money being available to donate to the WTS.

    I really do believe that the WTS is hurting for money. They have property but they need cash flow to keep things afloat.

    Vote with your pocketbook, lurkers.


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